Steve Davis Former Oklahoma Univ Quarterback Dead in Plane Crash: Tulsan Wesley Caves Dead in Plane Crash in South Bend, IN

Seems impossible that Steve Davis could have been 60 years old. The former Oklahoma University quarterback led the Sooners to two national championships in the 1970s, one over Michigan in 1976 under coach Barry Switzer, back in the days of Wishbone glory – the first national title in 20 years.  He is one of two dead in a horrific small plane crash that hit three homes in South Bend, Indiana after allegedly reporting an electrical problem, and before appearing to fly upside-down, hitting two homes, then plowing into a third. One person on the ground is injured and identified as Diana McKeown. Wesley Caves also died in the crash. Both men were residents of Tulsa. Caves is a pilot but it’s not known whether he was flying the plane. Two persons onboard were injured, Jim Rodgers and Christopher Evans. The flight orignated in Tulsa.

Steve Davis, Wesley Caves die in plane crash in South Bend, Indiana

Steve Davis, Wesley Caves die in plane crash in South Bend, Indiana

The jet was cleared for landing at South Bend Regional Airport about 4:30 p.m. Sunday, touched down, climbed and crashed into a nearby neighborhood, hitting the houses, the report said…
The plane was registered to a Helena, Mont., company owned by Caves.

Two other people who had been on the plane were identified as Jim Rodgers, reported in serious condition and Christopher Evans, who was in fair condition. Diana McKeown, who apparently was in one of the buildings hit by the plane, also was listed in fair condition. All were at Memorial Hospital. Source: UPI

Davis’ OU record was broken by Landry Jones:

Davis’ school records for consecutive starts (34) and career victories (32) were surpassed only last season by Landry Jones, who started every game the past three seasons plus most of 2009.

In the process, Davis reached out to Jones, who had been criticized after an early season loss to Kansas State by writing him a letter; Davis had been booed during the only loss of his career, a 23-3 setback to Kansas in 1975. Jones would go on to break Davis’ career record for wins by beating Texas, also joining Davis, Jimmy Harris and Jamelle Holieway as the only Sooners’ quarterbacks to go 3-0 in Red River Rivalry starts.

“He just really wanted to encourage me,” Jones recalled. “Just keep going, keep leading those guys and keep fighting, regardless of what happens in the next game or the last game. Your focus is on this game and always to lead those guys.”

The plane is registered to 7700 Enterrises in Helena, Montana, doing business in Tulsa as DigiCut Systems, which was owned by Caves.

Hundreds of people were evacuated from the area of the crash due to standing pools of fuel. Jim Rogers is in serious condition and Christopher Evans in fair condition. Diana McKeown is said to be in fair condition.

Davis was a color commentator for CBS in the 80s, a born-again Christian and a motivational speaker.

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