Small Arms Trade Treaty Talks in UN Again: Ambassador Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser UN Disarmament at Crucial Juncture

A new round of talks on the Small Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) began yesterday at the U.N. I’ve written about this several times…in detail. There is a lot of detail if anyone cares to read. The American Bar Association says the Treaty does not infringe on Second Amendment rights. Never mind that the U.S. should never be subject to the U.N. Never mind that we know in which direction things go when the U.N. gets a foot in the door. The U.N. Millennium Development Goal (UNMDG), set out in 2000 does not disguise the fact that they plan to disarm EVERY country. There is nothing ambiguous about the UNMDG. I’m reading that Obama was against the ATT before he was for it. He offered support for ATT the day after he won his second term, but in July 2012, I was writing that the U.S. was supporting it. His support is nothing new, only possibly more enthusiastic now that the election is over. On March 15th Secretary of State John Kerry said the U.S. will support the “accord.” There is no accord until the Senate says they are in ‘accord.’ He cannot issue an Executive Order. Are we on the way to seeing a new height of lawlessness, or are their more Cornhusker Kickbacks boiling on a back burner on Capitol Hill? Now is the time to call, fax, email and tweet to your Senators, and to continue doing so until it is clear that the Senate will not approve and Obama cannot submit for ratification, any U.N. effort to restrict arms in any way, even if the restriction does not infringe on our Second Amendment rights. Please watch NRA president Wayne La Pierre’s statement in the video below and look at the 1961 State Department document you likely have never heard of toward the end of this article.


The sculpture “Non-Violence” is by noted Swedish sculptor Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd
A lack of political will is affecting the work of United Nations bodies dealing with disarmament issues, according to the President of the General Assembly.
Ambassador Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser told the opening of the 2012 session of the UN Disarmament Commission (UNDC) in New York on Monday that disarmament bodies are at a crucial juncture as they face what he described as “a growing resistance to initiative and compromise”.
Located Outside the UN NYC Headquarters
Note this is a handgun!

The last time the U.N. ramped up the warpath on weapons was over our Independence Day 2012 with Conservatives in the U.S. writing a strong letter to Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, reminding them both that ruling by fiat won’t work for the ATT. Read that letter here.

The U.N.s stated reason for the ATT is to combat terrorism – which they have continually refused to define. By defining “terrorism” the U.N. points a finder straight at the Organization of Islam Cooperation (OIC), and that will never do. So we will have a treaty to stop undefined terrorism, which will in truth increase the risk of armed terrorism. As The Heritage Foundation points out, if precedent follows, the U.N. will end up exempting restrictions on the supply of arms to terrorists, because they refuse to designate the same as terrorists.

For the umpteenth time, I give you the UN Millenium Development Goal’s (UNMDG) “goal” for disarming the world and leaving the U.N. as the sole protector of the universe. For however impossible to achieve you believe the following to be, you cannot deny that proclaiming the stopping terrorism through the ATT, is only a first step:

You’ll find the following “goals” in United Nations Millennium Development Goal (UNMDG):

1] Abolishing war through a worldwide freeze on militaries and achieving global disarmament:”

To initiate a worldwide freeze on armed forces
…the prohibition of the use of force,…must not be undermined

To explore the feasibility of a legally binding convention on overcoming poverty,…To carry out the objective of moving towards the abolition of war by practical means,…the United Nations Secretariat and interested Governments, or a separate group of Governments, should develop a draft proposal for global disarmament

2] Prohibiting advanced weapons technology

…devise ways of stopping the technological development of new and more advanced weapons that create new imbalances in global power relationships.

3] Monitoring small arms

4] Controlling the world’s immigration to allow for:

…the global principle of freedom of circulation for all

5] Controlling the world’s finances:

…To move towards democratic political control of the global economy so that it may serve our vision.

…Sustainable funds could be raised through a currency transfer tax…and a tax on the rental value of land and natural resources.

6] Controlling the world:

Globalization needs defining [and then they define it].…it is transforming our world into a global village…

7] Prohibiting “sanctions” against rogue countries:

…Stop imposing economic sanctions…

In October 2009, Obama overturned George W. Bush’s opposition to the ATT. Bush believed any problem of transferring arms to terrorists from the U.S. could be handled by the U.S. What unique thinking in light of the current day of imperialistic decieders.

The NRA has issued numerous statements on the Small Arms Trade Treaty AND on Obama’s acceptance of U.S. Human Rights violations. The following from LaPierre is among his most poignant – Surrendering Sovereignty – read the entire story here:

For the first time in history, the United States government has bowed before the United Nations with the Obama administration cravenly asking U.N. officials to question our great nation on what a State Department report confesses to be domestic “human rights” violations.

In submitting what amounts to an American guilty plea to the U.N.`s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), the Obama administration has effectively unsealed the protections of our Constitution to the predations of the United Nations.

Add to that the Obama administration`s agreement to aggressively pursue participation in the creation of a U.N. gun-ban treaty. In reversing President George W. Bush`s opposition to U.N.-mandated international gun control, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared, “The United States is committed to actively pursuing a strong and robust treaty that contains the highest possible, legally binding standards. …”

Are you aware of the 1961 State Department Document titled Freedom From War, The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World, Released September 1961? The work of Democrat Dean Rusk. Compare it to the UN Millennium Development Goal. When and if Conservatives ever again gain control of Capitol Hill and the Oval Office, I repeat what I have said multiple times: We must sanitize the viper pit known as the U.S. State Department. Bush failed to do so. Career diplomats with internationalist and transnational leanings fill every crook and cranny.

Worldwide, and in the long and patient scope of the U.N., this treaty is one more step toward undoing most of, if not all of, our Bill of Rights. Saying ‘hello’ to Freedom Outpost and DC Clothesline – just to let them know there is outrage here (as well as a lot of time consuming research) and it’s been here for awhile.

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