Senate Roll Call Vote on Budget – No Net Spending Cuts

Stanford Matthews, my very serious blogging friend at Blog @ MoreWhat has all the details on the Senate budget vote they so dreaded putting up – dreaded it so much they ignored their constitutional obligation for four years by not submitting a budget – but had to get rid of the Republican’s constant challenge to do their duty, and so they did. Not exactly what you would consider a committed and principled Democrat Party. It passed, barely. All Democrat Senators up for re-election in 2016 voted against it, and their states all voted for Romney in 2012.

Your Children's Future - Just the tip of the iceberg with Democrats in Control

Your Children’s Future – Just the tip of the Iceberg

The body approved a plan that relies heavily on $975 billion in new tax revenue to stabilize the growth of the national debt within the next ten years. The budget does not balance, however, and has a deficit of $566 billion in 2023.

The Murray budget contains $975 billion in spending cuts, including $275 billion in new cuts to Medicare and Medicaid spending. But it also turns off $1.2 trillion in automatic cuts scheduled over nine years. Factoring that in, the budget does not constitute a net spending cut. Source: The Hill

Two Democrat Senators said the budget wasn’t balanced. No joke.

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