Sarah Palin Loaded For Bear: Sarah Is My Candidate in 2016

So…I’m going on the record, if Sarah Palin will run for president in 2016 (and I don’t know why she would subject herself to such misery), I will support her in every way I can, assuming she continues being who she is now and has been, and I cannot imagine that she wouldn’t be. She has been completely consistent since the first day she became a very public figure. She has figured out the press and she understands how small government works best for We the People. In the meantime, she will work find and endorse conservative candidates in 2014. May she be successful and help us take the Senate in a major way. Amen. Watch this rousing video.

Sarah Palin 2016

Sarah Palin 2016

So take your best shot, because I’m loaded for bear too.

Sarah Palin: Loaded for Bear (video)
Thanks to Breitbart’s Big Government and to oh so efficient newshound, JudyW.

  • Sarah Palin is a quitter. She quit her governor job not because of Lawsuits but because she was offered more money from Fox News. I will not vote for her for dog catcher let alone President. She isn’t good enough for that job.

    • findalis, I do not believe she left the governorship because of Fox News. She was seldom on Fox anyway – generally with Greta and Shawn. I can’t say she never sat on panels, but if she did, it was few. I believe she did the best thing for Alaska and her family and what she did hurt no one. You will find no greater friend for Israel and no one any more Constitutional than Sarah Palin, with the exception of Jim DeMint.

      • On this we will disagree. She is a quitter. If McCain didn’t pick her (A mistake now looking at it. She wasn’t ready for the Big Leagues in my opinion.) and it showed.

        I cannot support her.

        • findalis, we won’t always agree. That’s what’s good about being conservative. We’ll just see what happens. Crucial now is her help in electing conservatives to the Senate and House.

      • Ronald J. Ward

        Other than her known ownership of an Israeli flag lapel pin, what makes her more of a friend than say Mitt Romney who visited in 2007 or Haley Barbour in 2011 or the many others who’ve gone to Israel to advance their presidential aspirations?
        In order to be “Constitutional” one needs to be Constitutional literate. Sarah has come up short in that area on several occasions, not knowing the role of the VP and she was confused about the First Amendment. And even if you’re not a constitutional scholar, one would expect some fairness. Again, she’s failed that test as with the Dr. Laura ordeal or wanting government to silence protesters.
        But more importantly, what has she done in the past 4 + years to hone the needed skills to be considered POTUS?

        • Ronald J. Ward, Mitt Romney isn’t running. I supported Romney because he wasn’t Obama. The conversation has nothing to do with Romeny. I have not supported Palin in the past, although I wanted to. I didn’t think she could win. Stupid press dominated everthing. This is another day. Certainly being Governor doesn’t prepare you for everything, but she was thrown into the limelight and I believe she is ready. She is small government, and you can’t be small government without respecting the Constitution. Everything you mention is small ball in my opinion. Saul Alinsky prepared Barack Obama. Palin is grounded in the things I believe in. If someone comes along to give her some competition, I’ll consider who has the best chance of winning. Until then, I’m behind Palin…if she runs and she may not. In the meantime, I’ll be grateful if she can help us take the Senate. We need all the help we can get. BTW, one excellent qualification she has is that she has never been a member of this indecent and criminal Congress.

          • Ronald J. Ward

            You seem to make an admission that she was somewhat green or perhaps unprepared for her 2008 role, which is fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with being ignorant of certain areas of one’s profession, more so in the early years. But there is something wrong with remaining ignorant. And if Palin was serious about such a prominent political role, she would have spent her time educating herself on what were obviously her weak points. Remaining Gov. and a 2nd term or a higher seat would have padded her resume. I just don’t think howling with Hannity and reality TV’s gonna cut it with the voters.

            • Ronald J. Ward, you’re on the record here that you will not support Palin. That’s fine with me but note that I’m not going to rebut arguments of what has happened in the far past, none of which were more than a fly on a camel’s nose. She is serious. She has shown how serious she is. She is smart. She’s a great speaker. She no longer has “weak points.” You don’t like her howling. I get it. Come back when you have a candidate. I’ll be interested in who that will be because it is a subject worthy of discussion. Using words like “seem” and “ignorant” and “howl” are not worthy of arguing about. Come back when you have a candidate.

              • Ronald J. Ward

                We obviously share opposing views Maggie and I appreciate your tolerance.
                While I’ll concede that “howling with Hannity” was a jab, “ignorance” wasn’t. My point was asking if or how has she elevated her credentials to be leader of the USA. You feel she’s there. I’ll digress.
                I’ll agree that the GOP has a tall order producing a competitive contender so as for me producing a candidate, I’ve got nothing. I can somewhat emphasize with you supporting Romney over Obama because as a Kentuckian, I supported Ashley Judd until she bailed. It wasn’t that I thought she was smart, a great speaker, or that she was serious. I didn’t. It was because her opponent was Mitch McConnell who if it came down to, I suppose I’d vote for a tree stump over him.

                • Ronald J. Ward, I don’t see “ignorance” connected to Palin in any way. I believe I can lead the U.S. better than most running and I’m a nobody. She has had great opportunities to talk to massive numbers of people, be associated with great thinkers and read – that’s the way we all learn and she has been in a great place to do it.

                  I have not thought much of McConnell and would like him gone but found a very interesting article at National Journal about him and repealing ObamaCare – here if you are interested.

                  McConnell stands miles above Judd. She jailed because everyone was learning that she is little more than a pretty face and she is incredibly Liberal.

                  We’ll both have to wait and see what comes at us. No way it will be pretty, whatever it is.

    • Arlie

      She left the Governorship FOR THE GOOD OF HER STATE! She could not concentrate on her job with the avalanche of lawsuits. The Left would not leave her alone to do her job! They would have bankrupted the State just to get her. The global, elite multinational, especially OIL were after her big time. SHE WAS WISE…SHE DID WHAT WAS BEST FOR HER STATE…NOT THINKING OF HERSELF…Sarah is ONE OF A KIND a real American Fighter and Patriot through and through and has proved it time after time.

  • Arlie

    She’s mine too. The ONLY one I trust. But not as a Republican. She should get with the Constitution Party. See there platform, it’s the only one I would support. LOVE YOU SARAH – G-d bless and keep you and yours SAFE. I don’t think we have much time, if any. I just watched a video on you tube and it does not look good for the masses. The UN’s plan is close to completion. Iron Mountain – Blueprint for Tyranny. G-d help us all.

    • Arlie, I like the Constitution Party, but my fear is that a third party will not be successful for more years than we have to spare. I think she’s right to stay within the Party and remake it – turn it back to what it should be, maybe what it once was, and maybe better than we have known it to be. It’s a big problem. I would like to vote another party but won’t until I think it can work.