Rand Paul’s Pathway to Citizenship: We Will Not Deport 12 Million Illegals – Constitution Loses Again

Rand Paul

Rand Paul

I agree with Paul that we have to start with the fact that we WILL NOT deport 12 million illegals, so we must do something. I prefer deportations beginning after lunch today, but deportations won’t happen at any time, thanks to corrupt politicians. Speaking before a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Paul said we must make sure our borders are secure and that we not “unduly reward” illegals for being illegal. Given the options I’m given, I agree. Now where are the details and what does citizenship have to do with your details? How and when will the be border be secured?

I do not Stand With Rand on this if anyone in power can change reality and assure there is no amnesty. It will be a cold day in hell before that happens, right? The Constitution loses again.

In the video below, listen to Bob Dane. He has the facts down cold.

If the video disappears or will not play, view it here.

Rand Paul: We Will Not Deport 12 Million Illegals (video)

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  • Ken

    I knew this guy was a whole lot shallower and deceitful than he presented. Well now he’s got his following. Mexicans win again and the USA loses. Rand, You may go to hell! Done with the paul family. If they can find an infected cow right to its stall, they can find illegals to send home. Once again people who abide by the law get shafted people who break the law are rewarded. The hell with the usa. A country swirling down the toilet with the rest of the crap. I am done with you, america.

  • victoria_29

    Bottom line is this, I agree we can’t or won’t deport them. However, we should make it clear if you are in this country illegally you will NEVER be granted citizenship, will never vote, never have a driver’s license, never be able to draw unemployment, etc.

    • Ken

      Wow, Victoria, why can’t our politicians say that? So busy not hurting anyone’s feelings I guess, but that’s killing us. It seems so obvious, that if the first action of an immigrant is to break the law by entering ILLEGALLY that there will be no further discussion as to rights. If I enter mexico illegally on their southern border the penalty is likely death at the hand of a border agent. I get the “we want to feed our families” thing, but there are literally millions of people who would give their right arm to be here working to better the lives of their family. I know some of them personally that have been separated from their families for years trying to enter this once great country to live. The difference is they are trying to do it legally. So the message here is clear, BREAK THE LAW, RECEIVE THE REWARDS IMMEDIATELY, OBEY THE LAW, STARVE AND STARVE YOUR FAMILY! Why is the united states so disrespected by mexicans, I think now the answer is obvious. So since the united states has become such a disrespectful country I will no longer go to the inconvenience and expense of obeying all her ridiculous laws and regulations, this country has become nothing more than a bad joke. Just ask a mexican living here illegally.

    • Victoria_29, I’m in complete agreement. They are not going home. Where is Paul’s plan? I suspect it is very close to Rubio’s.

  • Yos

    Please catch tonight’s rebroadcast of Rand’s interview with Hugh Hewitt. His position is complicated. He’s not into blanket “amnesty” nor free path to citizenship; more about documentation and such. Cheers.

    • Yos, I’ve been hearing bits and pieces all day and see that he is not advocating for complete amnesty, as I thought he would not. I’m still waiting to see how close he is to Rubio. Thanks for the heads up of tonight’s broadcast and if I can get the complete video at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce speech, I’ll post it.

  • Billy B

    Where in the Constitution is the discussion of citizenship?

    I am with Cesar Chavez. The lefty trade unionist was very much against illegal immigration.