Paying States to Lower Goals for Blacks Hispanics and Poor, Raise Goals for Whites Asians

Every minority should be as angry about this as I am, a White American who will soon be the new minority. A new position created by Executive Order has added one more executive to the government payroll, the Executive Director of White House Initiative on Education Excellence for African Americas.” Less about education, more about proclaimed discrimination-by-Executive-Order, where Obama used incarcerated Blacks as an example. David J. Johns has received the Czar-ship. Looking at this bio, he’s never held a job in the public sector.


So last summer the commander-in-chief issued an executive order to create a special White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans. The goal is to tackle a rampant crisis of perpetually low academic performance and high dropout rates among black students. African Americans lack equal access to highly effective teachers and principals, safe schools and challenging college-preparatory classes and they disproportionately experience school discipline and referrals to special education, according to the executive order…

Of interesting note is that the administration is actually paying states to set new academic achievement targets based on race and income, with lower goals for black, Hispanic and poor kids and higher ones for whites and Asians. Washington D.C. became the first American public school system to adapt the new race-based standards last fall. A federal education official explained in a mainstream newspaper that the administration is just “trying to be realistic about what’s achievable.” Source: Judicial Watch

The idea is to “improve their level of education achievement through rigorous and well-rounded academic support services” to prepare them for college. What in the heck are our education tax dollars being used for now?

If schools are not equal, the truth to be faced is that most well-qualified teachers do not want to teach in dangerous neighborhoods among poorly-qualified teachers. Fix that problem. We are a nation held hostage by dangerous children and unions. Police trying to rid neighborhoods of gangs are stopped cold by judges or local laws. Clean up the neighborhoods and put those tattooed freaks behind bars so that other children can use their schools to learn to read and write and do basic math. Teachers will come. Clean up the Teacher’s Unions and get rid of the blathering, slang-spewing, anti-American teachers who teach victimization. Clean-up those unions putting adult molesters in rubber rooms with life-time pay and benefits and hold their plethora of stupidest teachers in high-esteem. Good teachers want no part of that. Empower parents – bring on the vouchers.

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  • The real Obama is starting to show …

  • As I like to say… more idiots on parade…

  • So, lowering standards will make these already undereducated students better prepared to enter college? I’m sure that makes sense to Obama.

  • The parents who really care about their children’s education will do what they can to get them the best education they can afford. The rest of the parents aren’t worth the chemicals their bodies are made up of.

    The first group will thrive no matter how bad the schools are. They will pull themselves up by their bootstraps and get out of poverty.

    The second group will grow up to be gangsters, whores and welfare recipients. They will stay slaves upon the plantation, smiling happily for their Democrat (White) masters and dancing to their tune.

    The best thing that society can do for the second group is to end welfare entirely. Cut off the funds and make the slaves finally get a job.

    The best thing that society for the first group is to provide vouchers and charter schools for them. Aid these children in every way without doing things for them and rejoice when they succeed.

    But Obama and the Democrats will just throw a Trillion or more dollars at this problem. Dollars we do not have and cannot afford to throw away.

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  • Ken

    Just as I am proud to be a smart white overachiever by the prez’s standards, I would be just as angry to have had my stupidity and inability to compete acknowledged by the highest office in the land. So African American’s the challenge is now up to you to tell the president that just made a blanket, “your stupid” statement to F**K OFF and end affirmative action NOW!! This is NOT a racist statement!

    • Ken, well said. I share you dismay at the lack of outrage at those believed to be stupid. But, they’ve bought into the ‘lack of good schools’ rhetoric, and most believe they are owed. Then there are those who truly know nothing except that Obama is Black and that’s enough.