Oklahoma One of the Five Freest States: New York Ranks Most UnFree

Depending on the year and the survey, they tell us Oklahoma is the fattest state, have more babies out of wedlock and our schools are the worst, but today some good news – we are one the five freest states, and would be more so if our state payrolls weren’t also so fat, making state and local government public officials abusers of taxpayer monies. Nevertheless, we have improved more than any other state other than North Dakota. In 2011 we ranked No. 12, today we are No. 5.

Oklahoma Among Five Freest States

Oklahoma Among Five Freest States – All But New Hampshire a Red State – New Hampshire Slightly Blue

Oklahoma is the fifth freest state in the country. It does especially well on fiscal policy (ranking fourth) but slips, like many southern states, on personal freedom (ranking 31st). The Sooner State also improved more than any other state except for North Dakota over the last decade.

In terms of fiscal policy, Oklahoma enjoys particularly low taxes and debt (7.4 percent and 14.0 percent of personal income, respectively). However, it does not equal this superior performance on spending, where it is a full standard deviation worse than average (at 13.0 percent of personal income). One of the reasons for this is that the Oklahoma state and local governments have bloated payrolls amounting to 16.5 percent of the private workforce. Oklahoma is also fairly fiscally centralized.

In the regulatory realm, the state performs quite well on land-use freedom, though eminent domain reform has been quite limited. Oklahoma is mediocre on tort abuse, health insurance freedom, occupational freedom, and utility deregulation. However, its number of health insurance coverage mandates is better (lower) than average. It has been a right-to-work state since 2001. Unfortunately, Oklahoma requires too many occupational licenses; occupational fees and education/experience requirements are, however, lower than average. Campaign finance regulations are quite strict.

In terms of personal freedom, gun control is fairly limited and alcohol taxes and restrictions are modest (although the state does have blue laws and a “happy hour” ban). The state’s marijuana sentencing is unreformed. Indeed, Oklahoma’s maximum possible sentence for a single marijuana offense—lifetime in prison—is draconian. Asset forfeiture rules are in need of reform. Several types of gambling are legal (not including casino gambling), though social gambling is technically prohibited and aggravated gambling is a felony.

Private and home schools are virtually unregulated—though kindergarten attendance is required by law. The state has limited smoking bans with a number of exceptions. Arrests for victimless crimes are well above the national average, significantly dragging down the state’s personal freedom score. Reforming this rate to the national mean would have raised Oklahoma’s personal freedom ranking from 31st to 13th. Surprisingly, the drug arrest rate is better (lower) than average. Source: Freedom In The 50 States: Oklahoma

Those states showing a minus in Economic Freedom in descending order are New York -133.6, California, New Jersey, Hawaii, Vermont, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Maine, Connecticut, Mississippi, Mryland, Wyoming Wisconsin, Illinois, Arkansas, Minnesota, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan and Ohio at -2.5

Those states showing a minus in Regulatory Policy in descending order are California -42.3, West Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Louisiana, Misissippi, Maryland, Rhode Island, Illinois, Hawaii, Arkansas, New Mexico, Alabama, Washington, Massachusetts, Montana, Kentucky, Connecticut, Florida, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Vermont, and Alaska -0.6.

Those states showing a minus in Personal Freedom in descending order are Illinois -22.1, Maryland, New York, California, South Dakota, Hawaii, Mississipi, Alabana, New Jersey, Michigan, Louisiana, Idaho, Virginia, Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Texas, Delaware, Iowa, Oklahoma, Utah, Arizona, Minesota, Tennessee, Montana -1.0

North Dakota ranks No. 1 as the state with the most freedom, South Dakota No. 2, Tennessee No. 3, New Hampshire No. 4 and Oklahoma No. 5.

Find the entire Mercatus Center Report here. See a pithy little animated video below, with thanks to Lynn’s Little Bit of Trivia

50 Freest States (video)
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