Oklahoma Legislation: Support No Gun Control Lobbying on State Time, Support Food Stamp Recipients Service Hours, Exempt Weapons Ammo Made in OK

In the interest of time, I’m posting an email from Tulsa citizen watchdog and business woman Cris Yeoman Kurtz, with some added information. Your voice on critical legislation is needed now.



Oklahoma Senate Main Switchboard: 405-524-0126         800-865-6490

Call your own OK Senator as well as some of those in leadership, as they do represent you even if you don’t live in their district.

Majority Floor Leader  –  Mike Schulz, (405) 521-5612 – schulz@oksenate.gov – Executive Assistant: Pam Nordstrom

Majority Whip             –  Rick Brinkley, (405) 521-5566 – brinkley@oksenate.gov – Executive Assistant: Jonathan Grable

Ask each Senator’s Legislative Assistant to note that you want him to vote in favor of bills passed in the House, HB 1909, HB 2020, HB 2021

HB 1909     –    Requires Food Stamp recipient to serve 35 hours per week

HB 2020     –    Makes it illegal for state funds or state employee on state time to lobby for gun control while you pay for it

HB  2021    –    Exempts ammo and weapons made in Oklahoma from federal regulation

NEXT! Call your OK Representative and ask they vote in favor of SB 585 – SB 585  reduces State Income Tax to 4.75%  and reforms tax credits.

Last year due to head butting of the House vs the Senate, the tax payers received no reduction. OK continues to offer loopholes, tax credits and generally just needs to reform the tax code as well as become more competitive with neighboring states offering a more favorable tax rate.

Call your own OK Rep as well as the Speaker of the House, TW Shannon.  405-521-2711           800-522-8502


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  • Here is a novel idea: Force food stamp recipients to work for money. No food stamps. I bet you that there will be no starving people in the streets. How about we try getting rid of all welfare for the next 60 years and see if it works better.