(Obama) Voters Get Their Politics From ESPN Says Princeton Prof: White Guy Panelist Doug Gottlieb Looking at a Pink Slip?

Yesterday Rush had a good piece on Low Information Voters, referring to a piece in The Economist written by Princeton Professor Markus Prior. Prior asserts that all the news on television combined doesn’t have enough voters tuning in – all of them combined – including Fox News (which holds a huge lead over all others) to blame Fox News for a lack of partisanship, as the Left does regularly. “So where do low-information people” hang out in the media? ESPN is just one of those non-news site subtly blanketing their audience with a political point of view which is Liberal. In related news, White man Doug Gottlieb sat on a NCAA panel for CBS sports and said he was there to bring “diversity” and the “White man’s perspective.” Twitter lit up calling for his firing. Gottlieb told his fellow panelists it was just a joke. They weren’t laughing. Charles Barkley is defending Gottlieb. Video below.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

The Economist, Professor Marcus Prior:

“The culprit turns out to be not Fox News, but ESPN, HBO, and other early cable channels that lured moderates away from the news and away from the polls.”

Rush Limbaugh on Prior’s theory (snippets):

It’s in The Economist, Economist.com magazine, and they’ve written about his paper, and they talked to him. They say he’s been chewing on this for the longest time because it dawned on him that there aren’t enough people watching cable news.  If you add them all up, there aren’t enough people watching cable news to divide the country.  So where are they?  Here’s the basis, as I understand it — and I’m gonna dig deeper into this, of course, as the program unfolds.  But his theory is that back in the days prior to 1988…

Like The Walking Dead, for example, will rate higher than your average primetime offering on one of the Big Three.  Not all do of course, but there are some that do. Mad Men doesn’t, but it’s close.  But you could name the ones that do.  Anyway, now, so goes the theory, people can avoid news all they want.  They never have to watch it.  They don’t have to watch the Nightly News. They don’t have to watch Fox…

Now, to the 10% of the population that really cares about all this, which includes all of you, Fox has the lion’s share. But you still can’t say (this is the guy’s theory) that Fox or talk radio are the primary causal agents for the partisanship.  So he asks, “Where these people getting what it is that they know?”  It’s what we’ve always said here: The pop culture.  He includes, in addition to all of these entertainment networks, ESPN as a place where people are being subtly blanketed with a political point of view…

In fact, the audience is unaware that it’s happening to them. They are being politicized in a particular direction, and the partisan divide is occurring.  In fact, folks, if you take the time… We’ve mentioned this, too. I don’t care what website it is…

In fact, the audience is unaware that it’s happening to them. They are being politicized in a particular direction, and the partisan divide is occurring.  In fact, folks, if you take the time… We’ve mentioned this, too. I don’t care what website it is.

Gottlieb, the token White guy apologized, of course, because they always do.

“It was not a smart thing to say and I apologize,” he said.

Fellow analyst Charles Barkley stood by Gottlieb on the broadcast during a break in the games later in the night.

“I know this has nothing to do with the game; I want to say something about Doug Gottlieb,” Barkley said. “He made a joke earlier tonight and people are going crazy. All those idiots on Twitter, which I would never ever do, all you people at home who’ve got no life and are talking bad about Doug Gottlieb, get a life. It’s over with. It’s no big deal.” ~ Charles Barkley

Remember Rush Limbaugh some years ago, after becoming a panelist on ESPN, said Philly Eagles Donovan McNabb wasn’t “that good of a quarterback,” “barely a mediocre quarterback,” “overrated…media desirous that a black quarterback can do well….” Rush left the show shortly after because he had the audacity to have an opinion and was a straight-shooting White man.

Doug Gottlieb CBS Sports Panel (video)

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  • Thanks for posting this Mags. This past week ESPN has been ESPN Gay. (I watch a lot of it.) It is not so much that there are so many commentators who embrace the liberal mindset to me – it’s how totally arrogant they are that ANYONE who disagrees is bigot or rube. When the NBA player said he wouldn’t tolerate gays in the lockerroom a few months ago – you would have thought Jackie Robinson was kicked of the LA Dodgers Hall of Fame wall. and, in fact, a Miami commentator on ESPN’s Around the Horn – did exactly that. Likened the “coming out” of an NFL player akin to the breaking of the color barrier.

    I’ve noticed for years how since they are so pro-union (players unions mostly) – they contradict themselves with conservative viewpoints of personal responsibility on the playing field moments later.

    I saw it reported that Rush this week said, “we’ve lost” the gay marriage war. I don’t think that’s so true but it doesn’t come by telling gays they are “bad”. It comes from fiercely explaining WHY embracing “sin” as a lifestyle – whether it’s sexual or stealing or harboring ill in your heart toward others – has PRACTICAL consequences that are easy to digest even for the spiritually bereft.

    I appreciate your article on the Gay man who divorced his wife – tried the gay lifestyle – and returned to a heterosexual relationship. This never would have happened had the Church focused on Jesus’ love for all – rather than the “law” that He did away with and I appreciate your fearlessness Maggie in thoroughly discussing these topics.