Obama Limo Breaks Down in Israel: Backup Coming from Jordan – Not Israel

Odd. Israel doesn’t have a back-up limo for the President of the United States but Jordan does?

Obama's Limo Break-Down

Obama’s Limo Break-Down


Another limo is on its way from Jordan, according to Ma’an News agency, citing Israel’s Channel 10, reportedly after a mixup over whether the vehicle ran on diesel or gasoline.

Ma’an reports:

“Hebrew-language websites described the malfunctioning limo, brought from Washington specially for the visit, as the first unforseen incident during Obama’s three-day visit to the region.”

Obama is scheduled to leave the airport to Jerusalem in a helicopter. A parade of Black Hawk helicopters will follow the presidential helicopter carrying his delegation.

According to the Associated Press, the US secret service said the vehicle suffered mechanical problems before Obama arrived but would not say what the problem was.

The secret service said its advance teams plan ahead for these types of glitches. “This is why we bring multiple vehicles and a mechanic on all trips,” said spokesman Brian Leary.

It was not the only unscripted moment of the visit so far: our Jerusalem correspondent, Harriet Sherwood, notes that Obama aplogised to the Israeli prime minister about the size of the presidential entourage.

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  • A symbol of the Obama regime in a nutshell.

  • The backup limo was already taken to Jordan by the USAF for the next leg of Obama’s trip. Those vehicles go by C-17 or C-5 and are in place awaiting him.

    I can’t figure out how could his limo get fueled with diesel instead of gasoline. Someone screwed up big time or diesel was mistakenly put in the wrong underground tank.

    • Could it be the idiot who filled the car was a graduate of any Democrat run school district.