Obama Job Approval Drops to 46%

Not much else is happening with the sequester other than criminals on the streets and maybe Obama’s job approval in the toilet.

Barack Obama Job Approval Ratings Drops to 46%

Barack Obama


Though there have been examples of statistical noise over one or two days, for most of the year, Gallup has consistently recorded Obama’s job approval rating at or above fifty-percent. Since Friday, though, the three-day average dipped to a startling 46%.

02/27-03/1 : 47 approve — 45 disapprove

02/28-03/2: 46 approve — 46 disapprove

03/1-3/3: 46 approve — 46 disapprove

This could again be statistical noise or related directly to the sequester negotiations. As much as Democrats and the media want to blame the GOP, people still see Obama as in charge. Moreover, thanks to conservative media and a very few brave mainstream media journalists willing to tell the truth, the president’s credibility has taken a real hit.

More than once, Obama and his White House have been caught telling bald-faced lies about Obama’s role in birthing sequester, how much discretion he has over spending cuts,  and the crying of wolf over what to expect when the cuts hit. Read the entire story at Breitbart

Or maybe it’s the economy, or the lies, or the Executive Orders, or the vacations, or the parties, or the threats, or the drones, or the lies, or the lies, or the lies.

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