Moaz al-Khatib Syrian Coalition Leader Resigns – No Western Help in Assault on Assad

Mouaz al-Khatib (or Moaz) has resigned as the “western-backed Syrian opposition leader” and this amid rumors that Assad was shot on the 24th by his Iranian Revolutionary Guard presidential security member. That report is totally unconfirmed, but tonight, the New York Daily News is also reporting the reports/rumors of a possible assassination. Al-Khatib made announcement of his resignation on his Facebook page saying “red lines were crossed:”

Moaz al-Khatib, Syrian National Coalition Leader

Moaz al-Khatib, Syrian National Coalition Leader

The leader of the western-backed Syrian opposition coalition has resigned, citing what an insufficient lack of international support for those seeking to topple president Bashar al-Assad.

Moaz al-Khatib, a respected preacher who has led the Syrian National Coalition since soon after its creation in November, said in a statement posted on his Facebook page that he was fulfilling a promise to quit if certain undefined red lines were crossed.

“I am keeping my promise today and announcing my resignation from the National Coalition so that I can work with freedom that is not available inside the official institutions,” he wrote.

He also blamed world powers for providing inadequate support to the rebels and complained that many “international and regional parties” insisted on pushing the opposition towards dialogue with the regime. Most opposition leaders and activists say the president’s regime has killed too many people to be part of the solution to the conflict. Source: Guardian

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  • OldmanRick

    Either he was threatened or the payoff by the West wasn’t large enough.

    • OldmanRick, I intended to see what else I could find today but didn’t get around to it. It was odd to post a resignation on Facebook.

  • The US has been giving military aid to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordon, Turkey, and Egypt for years. If they have a problem with Assad, why don’t THEY resolve it and leave us out of it?