Losing Andrew Breitbart One Year Ago Today

Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart

One year ago today I woke up to hubby walking into the bedroom saying Andrew Breitbart had died. Unfortunately, and to be truthful, my first thought was ‘who murdered him.’ My second thought was for his family which I knew a little about, and my third thought was of the huge loss his massive voice, speaking so spontaneously, so earnestly, and often, so hilariously, to save the soul of America, would be to the conservative blogosphere. I didn’t know him personally, so there are no stories here, just the thoughts of what today felt like in 2012, but I did find something quite profound to share with you. At Breitbart, John Ondrasik has a very personal memorial, and shares a song he wrote a few days after Andrew’s funeral. Mrs. Breitbart gave him permission to post it today. I hope you will listen. Anyone…anyone would be so proud to have a friend write these words, a heart breaking the loss of Andrew Breitbart.


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