Justice Kennedy on Injured Children of Unmarried Gays Lesbians: What About Injured Children of Divorced, Separated, Unwedded?

A can of worms. Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy today said the California children of gays and lesbians not allowed to marry suffer “immediate legal injury” and “their voices are important.” If the law is injuring children by preventing same-sex couples to marry, and that law will be forcefully rectified, will we then ban all divorce and any separate living arrangements, or force all unwed mothers to marry someone, anyone…or choose between finding a husband or another woman as spouse, or maybe we can be even more expedient than we already are and no longer make abortion a choice – just silence those “voice” with abortion?


“They want their parents to have full recognition and status,” Kennedy said. “The voice of those children” is important, he said. ~ Justice Anthony Kennedy

Children of divorce have no voice, children in the womb have no voice, although they have a heartbeat and we destroy them by the thousands every day. Yes, allowing same-sex marriage, banning divorce, instituting federal shotgun marriages and ramping up our abortion factories should stop those tiny injured voices cold.

If the argument is, if you want to be together, then you can be together and if you do not want to be together you don’t have to be together, there’s still the question, what about those injured voices?

If my argument above survives, yes you can do what you want and, you can not do what you don’t want, it will be a lovely day when a hairy, burly bad-boy moves in next door with his pretty wife, a Standard Poodle named Sarah, and introduces her at the neighborhood potluck. Do we know if a dog can be impregnated by a supposedly human male (scroll down – and don’t yell at me – I don’t know what it is)? Will your children suffer “immediate legal injury?” For how long can you hide the hairy, burly bad-boy and his wife Sarah? When their friends take over your neighborhood, to what safe place do you move?

Justice Kennedy sided with Liberal judges on the U.S. Supreme Court and voted not to overturn Roe v Wade. Discrimination against a heartbeat is no big deal. Same-sex marriage is a big deal and it’s all about “fairness” and “non-discrimination,” so surely we will do away with all divorce, separations, separate living arrangements, skipping out on an unwed mother – maybe the threat of the death penalty works for that one. Anything and everything that leaves a child without two adults legally bound living in the same house must be “fixed” if Justice Kennedy keeps hearing those legally injured voices, because after all, they are “legally” injured in his mind, and maybe will be in the U.S. Supreme Court.



  • Today it is same sex marriage, tomorrow it will be the acceptance of pedophilia. Don’t laugh. The left will grant everyone rights but straight, Christian men and women.

    • I’m not laughing. In the article I suggested a guy and his Standard Poodle wife, Sarah.

    • findalis, in what way is same sex marriage even remotely related to pedophilia? That comment was made purely for fear mongering. You can’t seriously believe that. Allow me to use that same style on you.

      If we allow the right to ban same sex marriage, then tomorrow they will try to ban interracial marriages! Don’t laugh. The right will then go on to ban non-white Christians from living in our country!!

      That is precisely how ridiculous you sound when you make a comment like that.

      • Where is marriage a right? Does the government assign a spouse to you? No. Marriage is a privileged. Like driving a car.

        How about we ban homosexuality like they do in every Muslim nation. In fact the penalty for being gay is death. Nice people.

        20 years ago gays just wanted to live outside the shadows. Today it is forcing their lifestyle on the rest of us. A lifestyle that is steeped in sin.

        Today pedophiles just want to live out of the shadows. Can you guess how long it will be for them to gain not only acceptance but having the government stealing children for them to rape?

        History has a way of repeating itself.

        • findalis my friend,

          Marriage IS a civil right. It’s grounded in the United States Constitution as interpreted by the Supreme Court.

          Equality and due process are also rights protected by the 14th amendment. In the united states, gays are discriminated against by not being able to be labeled as Married. A civil union does not enjoy the same benefits as those who are married. There is no liberty in that.

          I like how you talk about a lifestyle steeped in sin. The United States of America has separation of church and state, is that not correct? I doubt you want the government coming in and telling you how you should pray. What would give them that right? Conversely, I don’t want the church to go into my government and tell Americans how they can live. You get my point? You can’t use separation of church and state with one idea and then ignore it with the other.

          Bringing up Muslim nations and the death penalty. Just because you are a lesser oppressor to gays than Muslim nations does not mean you are not an oppressor.

          Again with the fear mongering with pedophiles… Maybe you actually believe that pedophiles are going to take over your neighborhood unless America bans same sex marriage?? I refuse to believe that you truly think that.

          • Just like all liberals you believe that the Constitution guarantees marriage. Which Amendment? Grant gay marriage and the government will demand that churches and synagogues perform them regardless of their doctrines. You would have the government do that.

            I don’t oppress gays. They are free to live and do what they want to. Just not to impose their lifestyle on me.

            Already the American Psychiatric Associating is considering taking Pedophilia off their list of mental illness. The first step to acceptance.

            BTW: I once was very pro-gay until the majority of them became very anti-Semitic.

            • You oppress them by denying them the right to marriage!

              Fourteen times since 1888, the United States Supreme Court has stated that marriage is a fundamental right of all individuals.

              FOURTEEN TIMES!!

              Also, many husbands and wives get married by a judge and not a church.

              How does gay marriage impose on your lifestyle? Does it change your marriage to your wife/husband?

              I don’t know what you’re talking about with gays being anti-semitic?? A majority? I’m going to need an unbiased source on that one. It better not be someone’s blog you link me to.

  • There seems to be a common theme when it comes to right wing rhetoric: Ridiculous fear mongering. Do you honestly think that same sex marriage will open a door for bestiality? No, of course not. What you want to do is strike fear into the hearts of uneducated people so that they’ll vote in your favor.

    Right wing rhetoric thrives on and embraces lack of education and ignorance. An educated person is a dangerous person. It’s difficult to hand feed educated people lies to scare them into voting.

    Hahaha, a poodle wife named Sarah.

    • Want to talk about fear mongering? How about that slut Sandra Fluke and her crying that her right to birth control will be taken away by the right.

      Or Biden and his “Put you back on the plantation.” comment. BTW most blacks are on the Plantation. The slavery to the Democratic Party and the free money etc that they get.

      So don’t cry you are fear mongering, we know you liberal idiots do it better than anyone else. Oh if you call me a racist I really don’t give a flying fuck either! You have overused that bs too. But I can call you an anti-Semite and know it is true, unless you are a Jew then the term KAPO fits.

      • findalis,

        How does Sandra Fluke relate to same sex marriage and a poodle wife named Sarah? You keep on bringing up these silly stories that aren’t relevant to same sex marriage. Why??

        I haven’t done any fear mongering here today and you’ve already done it several times!! Pedophilia, Muslims and the death penalty..

        How am I an anti-semite? Did I say anything negative about the Jewish community? I don’t recall doing that. What are you talking about? findalis, I think you’ve run out of meaningful things to say and are just firing out stuff you’ve heard on the radio and on TV.

  • Justin Gaiter, my post had to do with one issue, the words of Justice Kennedy, which I believe were completely irresponsible. It was not about the legality of same-sex marriage, it was about same-sex marriage because children are injured by not having two parents.

    That’s why I mentioned Sarah. The real question is, do we ban divorce, separation and unwedded mothers. Let’s talk about unintended consequences.

  • Geo

    ” The United States of America has separation of church and state, is that not correct”? – Bieber

    Actually, NO we don’t, but I digress!

    • Is that Bieber the Bebe?

  • Sibyl

    DIFFERENCE IS – Science shows gay parents and gay marriage actually injures children – heterosexual marriage is good for them.

    • Sibyl, it’s a difference with a big distinction. I believe it.