Jim Carrey Doesn’t Get His Pizza In These Neighborhoods: Common Folks Do And They Die

We die because criminals are on the streets – they’re mean, vicious, evil, sometimes gang members and always illegally armed. Canadian-American actor Jim Carrey, however believes all those defending their Second Amendment rights in this country are “heartless motherf%ckers.” Carrey would never be at Papa John’s Pizza in the 2800 Block of E. 11th Street in Tulsa, or any other equivalent neighborhood anywhere on planet earth. This arrogant, shallow, egotistic, overbearing, contemptuous slug of a dual-citizen-American is yelling for “non-lethal” self-defense, which would have done nothing to save Robert Horton’s life this week when he was shot down in cold blood suspected to be the three black 17 year old thugs you see below.


(L-R) Frankie Jackson, Damian Anderson, Jermain Savory

(L-R) Frankie Jackson, Damian Anderson, Jermain Savory

Mr. Horton was minding his own business. He was working. Carrey isn’t interested in the common man’s plight as he/she fights to stay alive with two-legged demons walking our sidewalks. Was Horton armed? I don’t know. Had he been armed, could he have saved himself? I don’t know, but I do know he would have had at least a chance, if he made that choice. The choice should be ours, not Jim Carrey’s.

I’m sick of seeing these ugly mean mugs starring back at me from newspapers and websites, and that includes Jim Carrey who can only get a laugh when he’s tripping over his own feet and acting the part of a moron, and these days he’s not getting many laughs. When you have to go to Funny or Die to get your message out, you’re pretty pathetic.

Robert Horton

Robert Horton

The three in the photo above up have been arrested under suspicion of shooting Robert Horton and killing him. According to the Tulsa World they are also suspected of involvement in robberies of other Tulsans.

I grew up very close to the neighborhood where Robert Horton died. The crime is enough to make you cry hard and long. Taking my gun will not help Mr. Horton. Putting my name on a database if they don’t take my gun, won’t help Mr. Horton, but making sure Jackson, Anderson and Savory never touch one again is a worthy endeavor. My name does not belong on a State or Federal database, but every felon’s name does belong there – and I don’t care what your felony was/is, your name belongs on a database that keeps you from having a weapon because you are already a felon, have already committed some kind of havoc – white collar, blue collar, whatever…you have been a blight on society.

The three teens are also known to investigators in the Gang Unit; however, it wasn’t clear if the three were gang members themselves or affiliated with gang members. Each of them also had juvenile arrest records, Walker said.

Police said Horton was unloading pizza dough from the back of a tractor-trailer rig when his partner inside Papa John’s Pizza, 2802 E. 11th St., heard a loud crash about 6:15 a.m.

His partner believed Horton had suffered a heart attack, but at the hospital it was discovered that he had gunshot wounds. He later died from his injuries. Source: Tulsa World

Every gang member from a very young age should be on that database. Everyone of the them. Maybe one day their name comes off, but first they go on. Gang members are always bullies, sometimes thieves and sometimes killers.

Horton had been a delivery driver for the past eight years, said his son, Adam Horton, on Saturday.

“He was a hard worker, and he took pride in his job and performed it to the best of his ability,” Adam Horton said.

One more responsible, hardworking American shot down. If Jackson, Anderson and Savory are convicted, they should never, ever see the light of day again unless it’s from a prison yard, and I’d as soon close those down as well. Playtime for killers is a cost to the taxpayer.

Let’s catalog every gang member beginning in Middle School and get their names on the database the Obama administration would want if they cared about crime, rather than disarming us. I would really like to see Jim Carrey stare down the barrel of a weapon,without his bodyguard, and see just what non-lethal defense would save his sorry rear-end.



  • How about Jim Carey giving up his bodyguards and their guns? He never will. These liberal elites never will, but they want us to be unarmed.

    They are terrified that we will rise up and destroy them.