Jerry Sandusky Speaks From Prison: NBC Will Air It – The Framing of Joe Paterno

NBC may be catching some grief for an interview including convicted rapist Jerry Sandusky speaking from prison. An article defends NBC by saying Sandusky did not speak directly to NBC but to documentary filmmaker John Ziegler who has been involved with film projects highlighting Sarah Palin. So the defense is, NBC didn’t do it, Ziegler did.

Framing Joe Paterno

Framing Joe Paterno

“In an exclusive interview airing Monday on TODAY, former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky will speak out for the first time since he went to prison,” the show wrote in an article on That probably leaves readers with the impression that NBC journalists were involved, even though it technically never says NBC conducted the interview. Source: MediaBistro


It’s also worth noting that even Joe Paterno’s son, Scott Paterno, wants nothing to do with the film, tweeting, “Why would we oppose Ziegler’s analysis if it credibly exonerated Dad? We oppose it b/c it seeks to do so with a false narrative.”

Why is it America needs to hear anything from Sandusky, a child predator convicted on 45 counts of child abuse? He’s in prison. Let’s not hear from felons convicted of egregious crimes, ever. Ziegler’s documentary is titled “The Framing of Joe Paterno,” and knowing Ziegler’s work in the past, I doubt he will be generous to Sandusky. Just my opinion, but if there is any interest in this at all, it should be explaining how Joe Paterno didn’t know what Sandusky did for so many years.