Jeanine Pirro to Garry McCarthy Chicago Top Cop: Why Don’t You Track Trace Illegal Guns and Police the Southside?

In case you missed it last week, Jeanine Pirro took on Chicago’s Top Cop, Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, and makes the point that it is appalling when gunowners are called “dirty” when anti-Second Amendment supporters stand in mud so high they need hip-boots…when they call legal gun owners corrupt to deflect attention from their own “ineptitude.” Pirro quotes McCarthy saying that Federal Judges should rely on public opinion when interpreting the Constitution,” and legal gun owners are “corrupt.” See some snippets of Pirro’s of the transcript below, along with the full video:

Jeanine Pirro

Jeanine Pirro

McCarthy reportedly said that gun owner groups who donate money to politicians and legal gun owners themselves are “corrupt and endanger public safety.” McCarthy thinks our federal gun laws are “racist:” “segregation, black codes…Government sponsored racism…federal gun laws that facilitate the flow of illegal firearms into our urban centers across this country that are killing our Black and Brown children.” UPDATE: 3-5-13 Warner Todd Huston at Publius Forum has the transcript and audio of McCarthy’s remarks along with a good dissertation on ignorance.

McCarthy wants gun owners to carry a million dollar liability insurance policy and be tracked by GPS.

Note that the city of Chicago has a total ban on guns, and the newest claim is that murderers using guns as a weapon are not from Chicago [and I have a pretty little island in the Florida Everglades that I’d like to sell. Woulldn’t you like your own private island?]. All those armed gang members hanging out on their own school grounds have actually invaded the Chicago city limits from far away rural areas? Right.

Garry McCarthy

Garry McCarthy

Snippets of the Bottom line from Pirro:

PIRRO: Okay Gary, if your definition of corrupt is an elected official who believes in the Second Amendment, that right to bear arms, then by your very own definition, your boss, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel must also be corrupt since he receives donations from bigwigs in Hollywood and the music industry, an industry that sells blood-soaked violent imagery in music, movies and video games for our kids…So let me see, if I understand this. If I support a politician who supports the Second Amendment, I’m corrupt, but if your boss as a politician receives donations from those who believe in an uncensored First Amendment, he’s not corrupt? And racist? You say our federal gun laws are racist? Are you really a cop?


I’ll tell you what’s racist: Making sure the Loop in downtown Chicago, where I, by the way lived for three years, sees virtually no homicides, yet on the south side of town, the poor, the downtrodden, Black and Brown children are murdered in the middle of the day, in parks, on playgrounds in places where they have a right to be.

I’ll tell you what’s racist: Expending all your resources when NATO comes to town and the whole world is watching, when every sunrise, the minority side of town is virtually guaranteed certain death to minorities and with a 75% chance that no one will ever be held accountable, let alone arrested and convicted. You allow gangs with illegal weapons to patrol the streets on the Southside of Chicago, putting innocent citizens at risk, and you hide behind accusations of racism while people in your city are dying? You criticize my right to own a legal gun, that you want to tax and trace, while your city is trampled by people with illegal guns. Why don’t you track and trace them?…

If you’re such a genuis, why is the murder rate in Chicago higher now than before you got to town? Forty-two people were killed in January, in the middle of winter, what’s going to happen this summer?

Speaking of numbers, here’s a doozy: you guys are so corrupt you won’t even release statistics on your own city’s criminal justice numbers.

McCarthy came to Chicago close to two years ago from Newark, New Jersey. Look at this quote from ChicagoMag:

Faced with a community worried about crime, they can hire a chief who frets that there are limits to what he or she can accomplish. Or they can go with someone inculcated in an attitude that holds, as former NYPD deputy commissioner of operations Garry McCarthy puts it, “Every crime can be prevented. Is it a reasonable expectation? No. But if you shoot that high, you’ll do pretty well.”

That is one reason McCarthy is now police director in Newark, New Jersey, hired earlier this year by Mayor Cory Booker to bring down that city’s high crime rate. The philosophies of policing that McCarthy has been using these past 10 years were, he says, “nurtured in [the Bratton] era.”

The article also says that McCarthy has a background in statistics – which Pirro points out, are not available for Chicago crime:

Jeanine Pirro on Garry McCarthy’s Racism (video)
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