James Holmes Aurora Movie Shooter Embraces Islam and Jihad – Of Course He Does

The Daily Mail tells us James Holmes prays 5 times a day now and has embraced the Koran. As the story goes, those he murdered (12) and wounded (58) were infidels. The Koran whitewashes it all for him. He is charged with 166 counts for murder and attempted murder.

James Holmes, Former Congresswoman Gabbie Giffords Shooter Embraces Islam

James Holmes, Former Congresswoman Gabbie Giffords Shooter Embraces Islam

He also “sticks to a strick Muslim diet” which you and I get to pay for.

Muslim convicts aren’t “happy,” says a spokesperson, because, you know, Muslims don’t support extremism.  Thanks to Pat Dollard for this story – he has a thought about the real story.

  • Geo

    It would be funny, if weren’t so convenient and oh so pathetic. I don’t seem to recall hearing of any such proclivity for Islam from him before. Perhaps I’m mistaken. It’s kinda like Maj Hasan recent reawakening as a Muslim that he needs to wear his beard. He never tried it while he was serving on active duty prior to his massacre at Fort Hood. I’ll never figure out why the justice system tolerates such BS.

    • Geo and Xavier, I tend to think Hasan was always an extremist Muslim. His job was the military and the perks that went with it for him. He couldn’t have a beard because it was against Mil rules. Because he was in the military he had avenues to do a lot of damage, whether with a gun or by psychologically working against us. Holmes is smart enough to know that Islam as an excuse might work for him. The most amazing thing to me was that the other Muslim convicts don’t want any part of his “extremism” and I have 18-wheeler load of gold I want to give away to some nice person:-)

      • Geo

        Maggie, I totally agree with you that Hasan was a extremist prior to the incident at Fort Hood. If he complied with the U.S. Army Regulations prior to the massacre, he shouldn’t be allowed to invoke this ploy now. It’s just a delaying tactic.

        The Holmes situation is pretty funny though. For decades the prisons have been a incubator for radical Muslims, many prisoners have entered prison and came out radicalized through their associations while incarcerated. I guess he has been designated unacceptable.

        During my career I can only remember of one person who openly wore a beard while serving on active duty. Sometime around the early 80’s the core of Fort Bragg was rocked when a National Guard Chaplin arrived for his two weeks training. He was a Jewish Rabbi wearing a beard, within hours telephone conversations were flying through Chains of Command all the way up to and including the Pentagon.

        Within hours Rabbi Goldstein was issued and carried a “Medical Profile” authorizing him to have the beard. For many years he was the only Orthodox Jewish Rabbi serving on active duty and in the Military. He has been deployed to countless theaters in support of the Military. I have on several occasions met and talked with him, he is quite a character.

        As a Senior NCO or as First Sergeant I have never ran into a Muslim soldier trying to wear a beard, even though I had several in my units. I’m not sure how the Military would handle it, nowadays given the political correctness of the situation. The main reason for this policy is that soldier cannot obtain a complete seal when they don their protective masks if they come under a NBC attack.

        Here is a article on Rabbi Goldstein:

        Rare Army Rabbi Serves Soldiers
        July 13, 2010


        • Geo, I thought it was against code to have a beard unless you were directed to due to foreign duty service.

          • Geo

            Maggie, it is against Military Regulations [Army] to wear a beard, though I think the Navy allows a neatly trimmed beard. The only exceptions [Army] have been “Temporary Medical Profiles”. These are usually obtained for Black Soldiers, they have a condition called the “bumps”, where it becomes near impossible for them to shave. They are still required to keep it neatly trimmed though.

            That is what they used for Rabbi Goldstein [a TMP] for a long time, then he was given a permanent wavier for his beard. Over his career the Rabbi has deployed all over the world, as a National Guardsman and a Reservists due to a shortage of Orthodox Jewish Chaplains.

        • Geo, thanks for the link to Rabbi Goldman. This should be the way the Mil works – making common sense judgements, not by accepting Hasan’s extremism long before he went to Ft. Hood.

  • Xavier

    A calculated maneuver à la Hasan but there goes the insanity defense.