How Does Mayor Michael Bloomberg Air Condition His Car? Amazing Appalling – Who Is The Most Dangerous Man in America?

The Conservative Lady

The Conservative Lady

Please stop by the conservative Lady for a really good read. Someone of Bloomberg’s wealth and place in society will make certain his auto is cooled and heated in a way not proper for you and me. As she said, “you can’t make this stuff up.” A few years ago, your jaw would have dropped at the NYT headline you’ll see there, but not today although it still is a head jerker for me, until I remember that it is the New York Times. And as to who is the most dangerous man in America, remember that every successful vote cast anywhere in the U.S. affects your family and mine. There is no such thing as “all politics are local” today, because so many are so corrupt. The Cornhusker Kickback in exchange for a vote for ObamaCare is a good example.

Remember, you.are.only.a.serf working for whatever Lord of the Manor runs your city.

  • But wait! There’s more!

    “Ghassan Hitto”: American CAIR Rep. Elected Top Syrian Jihadist!

  • Thanks for the link, Maggie. Beck does get to the stories we will never hear in the MSM. It would be nice if the cable companies would pick up his show so that more people could see it. As of now, you have to subscribe to the internet site.

    • You are most welcome TCL. At times I am mixed about Beck, but for the most part, he points out the inconvenient news others conveniently ignore.

  • Geo

    No doubt BloomTurd is very dangerous, not sure he is the most dangerous right now, but he does have the potential. He is and always has been a dyed in the wool, pretentious, looselugnut dopey lib. He had been a dimoCrap all his life, when he suddenly got the urge to run for Mayor of the City and his only path to the office was through the republican party as Rudy was making his exit [because of term limits].

    As fate would have it, Primary Day was September 11, 2001 the second day of infamy. BloomTurd was in serious trouble, if he managed to make it out of the primary, it was thought he would lose the general election to the dimoCrap candidate.

    Because of the events of the day, the primary was postponed. The leadership that Rudy demonstrated that day was undeniable, even his most ardent opponents admired his performance and leadership. A undercurrent of talk started to suggest that a “allowance” might be made to “extend” Rudy’s term until the dust settled [literally]. The voters of NYC through a Ballot initiative passed by almost 70%, term limits, thus limiting the Mayors term to two terms. BloomTurd started squealing like a stuck pig, that there was no need to extend Rudy’s term, that the City would survive just fine without him [as long as he was elected of course].

    For some reason Rudy decided to endorse BloomTurd [probably felt party loyalty], many felt without the endorsement Bloomers would’ve never won the primary and have any chance in the general election. Rudy’s word was gold!

    Towards the end of his first term, BloomTurd decided that he would run again, only this time as his normal pedigree yearned for, a dimoCrap. It was his best chance of getting re-elected. Once re-elected, he immediately changed once again to a Independent and immediately started to work on getting the “term limit” law overturned. Which he did, over ruling a citizen initiative.

    Then BloomTurd’s true stripes started being exposed for the activist, dopey lib that he was. First was the elimination and use of Salt, then Trams Fats, Cigarettes [a favorite dopey lib pinata] is always target rich, then Baby Formula was removed from maternity wards, Sodas more than 16 ounces and of course Big Gulps. Now he wants all displays of cigarettes along with the product itself removed from retail stores, or at least covered from view.

    The residents of NYC who have re-elected and tolerated this little nit wit, nazi who knows more than anyone else is getting exactly what they deserved.
    It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of dopey libs. It’s called karma. This creep BloomTurd takes a salary of $1.00 [yes one dollar] a year and at that he is a least overpaid by two. His terms finally end with this term, then everyone had better start paying attention to his grubby little hands and what they are involved with. It should be interesting to see if his influence fades. Personally I’d love to see him gag on a Dunkin Donut. . . now that would be justice.