How About Some Great Guitar? 18-Year-Old Chris Robinson

This young man Chris Robinson ask for a Twitter follow @ChrisRGuitarist. Says he is 18-years-old from the U.K. and a member of Robert Knights Brotherhood of the Guitar. I love music, but I don’t have a great ear, can’t read music and play no instruments. I further promise everyone I know to sing only by myself in my car. My next-to-the-littlest brother (as well as my littlest brother) does, so I sent him the link and asked if Chris is the real thing. He said he definitely is the real thing. Next-to-the-littlest brother is an amazing guitarist of the Bluegrass/Gospel type. So here is Chris Robinson.

Chris Robinson, U.K. Guitarist

Chris Robinson, U.K. Guitarist

Chris Robinson, U.K. Guitarist (video)

  • Ken

    Thank you for that. I just love a talent no matter what the medium and that kid is talented. Also a nice respite from all the depressing news of today. I really love coming here, always something good to see!!

    • What a nice comment. Thank you! I’ve watched several of his videos now, and he really is talented, and you can see by watching him how passionate he is about what he does.