Happy St. Paddy’s Day: RiverDance Flashmob – Discover Ireland

The first video below is a flashmob in Australia. How do so many people know how to do the Irish “jig?” Wish I did. The second video is is Discover Ireland – beautiful scenery, charming neighborhoods, beaches, pastures and the people. For more St. Patrick’s Day celebration check out Maggie’s Wine – an Irish Pub Song by the Rumjacks and the Irish Tenors on Ellis Island. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Flashmob in Australia’s Central Station (video)

Discover Ireland (video)

Linked in The Daily Spark – thanks Theo – have you read The Daily Spark? Find it here.

  • Chicago Ray

    Happy St Patrick’s Day luv 😉

    • Hi Ray, Happy St. Pats right back to you. I bet Chicago celebrates in a big way.

      • Chicago Ray

        yea they do but not this conservative.. no drink no more, tolerance for drunks very low even on holidays.. I don’t care who does what,I’ve done it all, no more. 😉

        • I spent my life in the business and NEVER had a tolerance for drunks. I can remember being at a conference in Williamsburg. I was about the only woman in the business then other than a few winemaker’s daughters. I told a busload of men they were a disgrace and MADD has every right to try to ruin them. There is NO excuse for drinking too much.