Hamas Kills 2 Babies, Blamed It On Israel: UN Blamed Hamas – Hamas Still Blames Israel

An 11-month old boy killed in Gaza was the son of a BBC reporter. The outcry was against Israel, but Hamas rockets “fell short of the target” which was aimed at their neighbor and two children were killed along with adults. This report blaming Hamas, coming from the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights is highly unusual. They’ve blamed Israel for existing, which is in itself a UN Human Rights violation – ignored Sudan, condemned Israel 22 times, and on and on.



Palestinians and some media outlets blamed Israel for the deaths of Omar al-Masharawi, the 11-month-old son of a BBC reporter, and Mohammed Sadallah, aged four, whose lifeless body was kissed by visiting Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil as the boy was taken to hospital.

Both incidents attracted international attention because Israel had just launched Operation Pillar of Defence to halt numerous rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel.

In a scathing report from the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Palestinian armed groups are also criticized for indiscriminate attacks on Israel; targeting civilians; launching rockets from populated areas in Gaza and endangering the public; and for summarily executing alleged Israeli spies in breach of humanitarian law. Source: National Post

But nevermind:

The Gaza-based Palestinian Center for Human Rights said it still held Israel responsible for Omar’s death. (Source: see the National Post link in the paragraph above)

Apparently these children hadn’t yet been fitted with their suicide belts. No, a journalist’s son wouldn’t qualify – only the poor and ignorant. The boy’s father’s name is “Jihad Masharawi.”

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