Egypt Doesn’t Want Palestinians Either: Even Thugs Don’t Want Gaza Thugs

Egypt is busy trying to destroy the many tunnels into and out of Gaza, used for smuggling weapons and food into Palestine. Since the founding of the nation of Israel, no one has wanted the ‘Palestinians,’ a rude and belligerent people – hey they’re not of our tribe…not in my country…etc. Muslim Brotherhood thugs despise Palestinian thugs. We conveniently forget that Israel “disengaged” from Gaza in 2005 and dismantled Jewish settlements there. In return, they routinely receive Palestinian rockets almost daily. We conveniently forget that Jordan didn’t exist until the Balfour Mandate granting a Jewish nation, land from which the Brits took 77% to make a Saudi throne. But I digress.

Gaza Tunnels

Gaza Tunnels

Witnesses claim that the campaign has intensified, with huge explosions being heard and increased Egyptian military activity in the area. “Domestic security” has been cited as the rationale behind the campaign.

Sources are also reporting that larger numbers of Egyptian army forces have moved to the border region, according to a report on the Palestine News Network website.

The Egyptian army is apparently using high-end technologies, surveillance cameras, and even dogs in order to find the tunnels. In addition, the website notes that there has been a decrease of liquid fuel reaching Gaza as of late because of the Egyptian army actions.

So far, no international condemnation has been made of the move which further isolates Gaza, although in a statement to the House of Commons yesterday, British Conservative MP Sir John Stanley accused Israel of being the cause of Gaza’s status as a ‘prison camp’.

The Hamas leadership in Gaza had believed that the coming to power of a fellow Muslim Brotherhood led government in Egypt would lead to a more friendly policy, but analysts believe that Egyptian security interests are leading Egypt to crackdown on the tunnel smuggling. Last August, jihadists in the Sinai killed 18 Egyptian soldiers.

This has led Hamas to turn to the border crossing with Israel for trade according to a report on Saturday in the Economist:

“Egypt’s tunnel squeeze has hurt Hamas’s finances as well as its morale. Import duties on tunnel traffic brought Hamas more than $180m a year and paid for its 40,000-strong civil service. Hamas is trying to make up for lost income from the tunnels by putting an extra levy of 200 shekels ($54) per lorry on goods from Israel.”

Israel still controls the border crossings and air and sea space, with the exception of the Rafah Crossing which Egypt controls. No imports are allowed in. Israel stopped all exports from the crossing they control after the capture of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. I don’t think the crossings have since accommodated exports. All foreigners must enter Gaza through Israeli controlled crossings. This is what happens when you swear to kill Jews for allah. This is what happens when you refuse civility.

No one wants these thugs. Even the thugs don’t want these thugs. The most foolish people on the face of the earth are Palestinians who allow Hamas to keep them cowed and in poverty. I blame the women for only sending their sons to die, and never standing up for the right to live with dignity. There is a long history of trying to plug-up/blow-up these tunnels. If you want to know how the tunnels work, read it here. The idiots are waiting for Jews to “hide behind rocks and trees.” Bwwwahahahahahah.


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  • This has been the story of the Fakistinians since 1948. Egypt controlled Gaza from 1948 to 1967, so why didn’t they create a nation for these people then? Same with the Jordanians.

    Every Muslim nation with the exception of Jordan DENIED citizenship to Fakistinians to keep them a “homeless” people. They shoved them into “Refugee Camps” and forced the West to fund their upkeep through UNRWA. These are the only people in the world that can hand down to their descendants their refugee status.

    The Muslim Brotherhood is not getting a cut of the profits from these tunnels, so they will destroy them and rebuild them when they take control of them.

  • The Palestenians blew their very best chance of a homeland in 1948.