Early Retirees Get Assistance for Medicare? Why? HHS Exchanges Now “Marketplace?” Draft ObamaCare Application 15 Pages

Online there is a draft of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) application for health care for a family of three. It is allegedly 15 pages long, has 21 steps and it is “mandatory.” Find it here, if you want to download and navigate it. Your application will be examined by the IRS and two other federal agencies not identified. The IRS is involved because the more your income, the more you’ll pay and the less your income the less you’ll pay – and I think you pay the IRS direct for your “insurance.”


Drafts of the paper application and a 60-page description of the online version were quietly posted online by the Health and Human Services Department, seeking feedback from industry and consumer groups. Those materials, along with a recent HHS presentation to insurers, run counter to the vision of simplicity promoted by administration officials.

“We are not just signing up for a dating service here,” said Sam Karp, a vice president of the California HealthCare Foundation, who nonetheless gives the administration high marks for distilling it all into a workable form. Karp was part of an independent group that separately designed a model application.

The government estimates its online application will take a half hour to complete, on average. If you need a break, or have to gather supporting documents, you can save your work and come back later. The paper application is estimated to take an average of 45 minutes. Source: Star Tribune

Have state exchanges been renamed “Marketplace?” Sounds so free market, doesn’t it?

Consumers in every state will soon be able to buy insurance from qualified health plans directly through a Marketplace and may be eligible for premium tax credits and cost sharing assistance to help lower their costs.  These health plans will ensure consumers have the same kinds of valuable insurance choices as members of Congress, and cannot be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition.

ObamaCare also brings us a $5 Billion program to assist in insuring early retirees. Why are we retiring before age 65 and expecting assistance?

The Early Retiree Reinsurance Program will help employers continue to provide much-needed health insurance to their retirees,” said Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. “Today, Americans who have retired but are not yet eligible for Medicare are often unable to find coverage that is affordable and meets their health needs on the individual market.  This program will help both retirees and employers facing spiraling health care costs, and ensure more Americans have access to the health care they need.”

Why should an employer care about healthcare for an early retiree? If this is referring to an early retirement package, it either includes health care or it doesn’t and the employee either accepts the package or doesn’t. Tell me again why my tax money should fund your early retirement?

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  • I’m trying to track down a rumor. Under sequestration the VA will be shutting down its hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. Anybody hear anything on this?

    • jackie

      THat is a left wing scare tactic. NO that is NOT happening. I work for the VA. It is an outright lie.

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  • This is vile and VERY disturbing!

    • sandstone, my sentiments exactly. Everyone is interested in the 15-page application, but few in the fact that people are choosing to retire early and we’re finding a way to get them on Medicare – and using $5B to do it.