Citgo American Flag Back at Full Staff According to a Reader

A reader left a comment on my post about Citgo’s Houston headquarters lowering the American flag to half-staff in memory/mourning of Hugo Chavez. Yesterday, March 7th at 5;57 pm the reader left this message:

Venezuelan-owned Citgo

Venezuelan-owned Citgo

I am happy to report as of 4:30 PM today, the US and Texas flags are at full mast at Citgo HQ on Eldrige Parkway, Houston.

I’ve tried to confirm the report but haven’t been able to do so. I’ll take him at his word. Sounds like he knows what he’s talking about and I thank him for stopping by. I would love to know what Citgo employess thought about our flag lowered in deference to a man who thieved from his own people and denigrated the American presidency.

  • I would walk five miles with an empty gas can in my hand to avoid buying anything from Citgo

  • Bunkerville

    Add russian Luckoil to the 5 miles I would walk if I ran out of gas.

  • RR and Bunkerville, I’d do the same but first I’d try to reach hubby at the driving range on his cell phone 🙂

  • I haven’t used a CITGO station in years — ever since I realized that the man behind the pumps (figuratively, alas) was Hugo Chavez, a world-class thug. Frankly, it didn’t surprise me to hear that his pitiful, sniveling last words were “don’t let me die.” Either he realized he was going to have a “lot of ‘splainin'” to do on the other side or he actually thought he was supposed to be immortal. Even Ivan the Terrible repented as his death neared — he made a list (pages long) of everyone he personally had murdered or had had killed in his life and ended it with the words “and all the others whose names I do not know.” Not Chavez; I don’t recall hearing of any regrets he might have expressed as he slipped his mortal coils. The only legacy he leaves is more human misery and repression. Here is my wish for Hugo: God Damn Chavez!

    • Norma Brown, I wonder if we will ever get the full story of his death? I can’t believe the media saying he was beloved by “his people.” I covered their protests throughly when he made his power grab and his base was the poor wanting handouts – just like Obama.