Ben Carson: Country Living Semi-Automatics Okay, Urban Areas – huh uh

Dr. Benjamin Carson grabbed the nation’s attention and the hearts of many conservatives when he spoke so plainly at the National Day of Prayer breakfast. Here was a man who loved and respected our Constitution. Right. Many of us are all too willing to be swept off our feet politically and quickly. Nothing can be more important to an American than our First and Second Amendment rights. Dr Carson has the First Amendment to protect him. I have it too, and I want the Second Amendment to protect me and my family. I know that protection extends to whatever neighborhood I live in. Dr. Carson doesn’t agree. See the video and a partial transcript below.

Dr. Benjamin Carson

Dr. Benjamin Carson

Beware that which seems too good to be true, because it usually is not true.

GLENN BECK: Second Amendment?

CARSON: Uh, guns, there’s a reason for the Second Amendment. People do have the right to have weapons. With this argument that’s going on, the way we solve it is we ask what is each side afraid of, and then we address it, that way.

BECK: Do I have the right to own a semi-automatic weapon?

CARSON: Uh, it depends on where you live, I think. If you live in the midst of a lot of people, and I’m afraid that semi-automatic weapon is going to fall into the hands of a crazy person, I would rather you not have it.

If you live out in the country someplace by yourself, I have no problem.

BECK: Is that a government, the federal government or a local government that can decide that?

CARSON: Uh, I think it would probably be a local.

End transcript. The above stops at about 1:30 into the conversation which moves away from gun control.

Note that if I live out in the country I can own a semi-automatic weapon. What isn’t said is that I can bring it to the unarmed urban areas and probably couldn’t be stopped. Chicago claims that’s what’s happening to their gun free city with the highest gun murder rate in the United States.

And with all due respect, what in the heck does this mean?

…the way we solve it is we ask what is each side afraid of, and then we address it, that way.

No, here’s how to solve what we are “afraid of.”

We are afraid that we will be disarmed by our someone…government or criminal (if there is such a distinction). We don’t need you to address it. We will keep our guns and we are telling you, don’t get in the way of our Second Amendment rights.

If you insist on addressing it, look at the criminal faction that makes this conversation possible. Find them punish them hard and long and leave the rest of us alone. To see exactly what Chicago does wrong, take a look at this.

Dr. Carson is not the only plain-talker. Thanks to Liberty Crier for the video

Glenn Beck and Dr. Ben Carson on the Second Amendment (video)
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  • I have read the 2nd Amendment. No where does it say that you can only have a certain type of gun. In fact, it just reads:

    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

    Where does it say only in the country or only in the city?

    • findalis, when it comes to the militias, the question is, who controls “militias,” and how are they considered “well-regulated.” The answer is the government decides and the government commands them when and if they want to.

  • The guy made one decent speech and Conservatives were touting him as the next POTUS… We really DO need to be a bit more careful…

    • TexasFred, we are so starved for conservative thought. The fact that he did this with Obama sitting two seats away from him, gave us reason to get excited, but yes, we really DO need to be more careful. The fact that Carson is doing a lot of talking now, is answering important questions for us. The 2nd Amendment is the only thing I’ve seen to take objection to, but the 2nd Amendment is bigger than the 1st Amendment because the 2nd gives us the ability to protect the 1st.

  • Xavier

    Mark me down as “vehemently disagree”. There are 2 types of people who cause problems with firearms: crazies and criminals, and neither is constrained by the rural/metro border. When Carson says he’d rather city dwellers not own a semi-auto, he’s placing law abiding citizen’s lives in danger from bad guys who would arm and ammo up beyond their prey. Plus, should citizens ever need to resist tyranny, an unequally armed city would stand little chance. His proposal would be such a direct affront to “shall not be infringed” that it proves Carson would willingly chip away at our rights just as the liberals are doing.

    Only a fool would believe that killers will abide by the law.

    • Xavier, I agree with you, and feel “vehemently” about it as well.

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  • His plan hasn’t worked all that well in Chigao, has it?

    • Jim at Asylum Watch – hasn’t worked at all Jim. Chicago accuses those from the outside of bringing guns into their gun-free zones LOL!