Bashid McLean Tanya Byrd: Chops Off Mom’s Head – Takes Photo

Tanya Bryd allegedly told her 23 year old son Bashid McLean to grow up and move out of her basement in the Bronx. He chopped off her head, further dismembered her and took a photo in front of his bathroom mirror. You can see the insanity pleas coming. He wore a black garbage bag to court (probably from the same box of bags which he stashed this poor woman’s body in), there are claims he had not been taking his “medications,” and is on suicide watch. His Facebook page was reportedly ‘killtanyabyrd’ and a MySpace page’ killthebitchtanyabyrd.’ How does that stuff fly when conservatives are routinely put in Facebook and Twitter gulag for defending the rights of a child against abortion?

Bashid McLean

Bashid McLean

Police say McLean, whose Twitter handle is @killtanyabyrd, stabbed his mother to death in the bedroom of the apartment they shared on either Sunday night or Monday morning. It is not clear whether McLean’s seven-year-old brother Nasyr, who has Down’s syndrome, was home…

Byrd’s sister Cassandra McLean told The New York Daily News that the mother-of-three had caught McLean scouring the Internet for how to tips on covering up a murder and that he later created a MySpace page called ‘Kill the b**** Tanya.’

His aunt said her nephew harbored resentment towards his mom after he was placed in a foster home while she battled a drug problem. He came back to live with her when he was 18. He was also suspected of abusing his younger brother, whose body began displaying bruises…

Even his father said he was a bad egg.

‘He did destructive things,’ James McLean told the Daily News. ‘He set fires; nobody could control him.’ Source: The Daily Mail

Bashid McLean Allegedly Holding His Mother's Head (blacked out)

Bashid McLean Allegedly Holding His Mother’s Head (blacked out)

Mrs. Byrd’s remains were found in garbage bags strewn around the area. What’s up with the Islamic names?

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