Allen West: Dems Stand for Slavery, Secession, Segregation, Socialism – Hints at Presidency

Allen West: “President Lincoln only served one term in the United States Congress, hint, hint.” West so succinctly sums up what we seldom hear: Lynchings didn’t come from Republicans, Democrats stand for the 4 Ss: Slavery, Secession, Segregation and Socialism. West wants Republicans to go into the inner-cities and expose how Democrats are killing the dreams of young people in the U.S. (my interpretation). West is launching his new Guardian PAC to elect 12 “hard-charging” military or minorities to Congress in 2014. Read that story here. According to The Shark Tank, West WILL NOT run for Congress in the next elections.

Allen West Family, daughters Aubrey (L) and Austen, and wife Angela

Allen West Family, daughters Aubrey (L) and Austen, and wife Angela

View the video here. For documentation on the history of Democrat Racism, check this out

  • Allen West is still in my top 10 of Americans. He’s got my vote whatever he runs for. He’s never lied yet … unlike the trader who occupies the White House now.

    • Carl, dittos on that, and I want you to know I received your email and am interested in her writings. Thanks so much for sharing it with me. I will do something.

  • Col. West regrets not running in 2012. Could you imagine what the outcome would have been like if he did. Hillary better start writing her concession speech if Col. West runs against her. HE WILL WIN!!!