Adam Corolla – FollowUp to Gavin Newsom Interview: Totally Righteous F*** Rant

If you missed Adam Corolla’s interview with California politician Gavin Newsom, now the California Lt. Governor, you can read the transcript here. The interview covered education and familes staying together to prevent poverty. Just the thing to make HuffPo deem you a racist. If you choose to go straight for the fun, view this video below, AND know there is a lot of the F-word and the R-word and the P-word, perhaps used in the most righteous indignant, perfectly sensible rant I’ve heard. I hope you enjoy hearing the truth as much as I did.

Adam Carolla Rant against Media and Gavin Newsom (after the Newsom Interview)(video)
Now go read the interview transcript here.
Thanks to Breitbart’s Big Hollywood

Thanks to BadBlue for linkingread the baddest news on the planet here.