Adam Carolla Gavin Newsom: Corolla Explains Emphasis on Education and Family Cures Poverty Suffering

Adam Corolla chats with Gavin Newsom on his radio show. Newsom is the Lt. Governor of California, and the former Mayor of San Francisco. Newsom’s focus is on the struggles and suffering of Blacks and Hispanics, who are the face of welfare. Carolla says everyone must have a nest egg and close associations with family and friends in the event they need a financial hand or a place to shelter. Corolla insists that broken families are the problem, and says “you know the problem” but if you state it you won’t “get the votes,” and said Bill Cosby did the same thing, denied that broken families are the biggest problem. [You may remember that Cosby was excoriated by fellow Blacks]. “If you really cared you’d focus on the real problem – family,” says Carolla, and while Newsom tries to say struggling and suffering is complex,  Carolla says, no, it is simple. Fathers, stay home, do homework with your children, like the Jews and Asians do. Seventy-five percent of of Blacks grow up without a Dad, says Corolla, and Newsom agrees but doesn’t think that’s the biggest issue. The really good stuff starts at about 6 mins into the video below.

Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla

Corolla calls  Obama “your president, “Obama says it “takes courage” to raise a child.” Carolla is appalled and says “anybody can eat at an IHOP, but it takes courage to stay there and pay the bill.” Carolla wants to know why Newsom is focusing on Blacks and Hispanics, and not Jews, Asians.

Newsom goes on a rant about the Latino community which speaks Spanish as a second language. Corolla says yeah, “everyone who came here spoke perfect English.”

Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom

NEWSOM: I get your world Adam – a little more clean cut and idealistic, a little less pragmatic.

COROLLA: It’s wildly pragmatic. They have a problem with family, they don’t focus on education – that will get them out of the problem they’re in.

NEWSOM: I don’t think there’s any other community that cares more about education than the Latino community.

COROLLA: Wow! I’ll have to check their test scores.

NEWSOM: Come on, that’s not fair. Look at this school system. Look how lousy the school system is.

COROLLA: The system sucks, but it doesn’t suck if you have parents who are together and care about the advocacy of education.

Fascinating discussion pointing out how deeply disingenuous the Liberal protection of broken families and denial of absent Fathers and little education is to poverty. What isn’t said is that much of the poverty among Hispanics is their illegal presence in the U.S. Apparently it is far better to poor in American than in Mexico and Latino countries around the world.

The photo of Newsom was borrowed from The Macho Response, where you can read great background on Newsom before he became Lt. Governor, and then follow it up here.

If the video dissapears or will not play, view it here or here.

Adam Corolla Interviews Gavin Newsom on Poverty Among Blacks and Hispanics (video)

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  • “I like sweating the small stuff” — LOL!

  • Geo

    There is nothing like entrenched, systematic, dopey lib, white guilt. They are the biggest racists walking and Carolla exposed it in all it’s glory. He nailed Newsome.


    • Geo, he did nail it, didn’t he. I feel mixed about Carolla sometimes (not often) but he has the bottom line and he pounded it.

      • Geo

        Maggie, I know exactly what you mean, sometimes you have to sit there and scratch your head with stuff that he comes out with. When he is on his game though, he’s hard to top. It’s loaded with so much common sense and blows the lib argument apart. Like, “if it’s a minority problem, why doesn’t this minority have the problem”?

        Duh! Stop making the excuses and enabling it, identify and address the actual problem. . . . . idiot! But that would put libs like Newsome out of business because it would end the dependency.

  • I am a father of a boy and a girl. i took Adam’s approach to a good family. they had rules and structure. i did homework with my kids. I knew the teachers and friends. Even when we divorced a four hour drive didn’t change anything with my kids. I was a card carrying PTA member. I made the time to care about them. I told my son and daughter there was nothing they couldn’t be or do.
    they are wonderful adults.
    What did we learn here? If you quote statistics/facts that focus on a particular group or groups doing badly it is deemed racist. That seems to be the politicians take. If there was ever an example of “tripping the light fantastic” it was the politician. He avoided Adam’s questions like they were playing Dodgeball. Apparently comparing ethnic groups to determine what differences might help the other is not kosher. oops… my bad … I meant it’s not the Christian thing to do … hmmmm … that’s not working for me either. Kids are like chimps … you need to love them, guide them, care for and about them. Like the old song says … Teach your children well.

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