About Rule 5s and Female Bloggers

I joined the great guys (and a few girls) posting Rule 5s for a year or a little more before giving it up. I enjoyed focusing on the fashion and photography.


Andrea Tantaros

Andrea Tantaros

I posted every Conservative woman I could find, and tried to ignore how repugnantly Progressive many of the others were.

ThreeBeersLater has a Rule 5 formula that I really like. Take a look at this one, and be sure to watch the video snippets. I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve seen the movie.

Another Rule 5er who has his own personal forumla for good taste (not that others are not) is Reaganite Republican. See his latest here.

I whined for a year before beginning Rule 5s and now a year after, I’m whining again that it isn’t so easy for female bloggers. I have to get over it.

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  • Me too, gal. I gave it up many moons ago. However, I will still post one if the mood moves me, but it rarely does.

    • Opus, I haven’t had any moods either. Probably won’t of that kind again, but it was fun for awhile.

    • Dana, sensation Rule 5s. Thanks for sharing. I did a couple of military posts and loved doing them. You’ve have a great formula going.

  • EBL
    • EBL, love your first one. So beautiful and interesting, a good mix. Thanks.

    • EBL, I so lovve Nigella!

  • The Babes ~OR~ Rule 5 Maggie’s Notebook Style.

    • Well Odie, I’ve lost my style. Love that Liberal Nuisance. Hilarious!

  • I find some of the pictures posted to be repugnant and demeaning to women. I don’t think crotch shots of women is an exactly conservative principle.

    Ever notice that Stacy never posts any?

    RR’s posts are always in good taste…

    • Adrienne, Stacy no long needs to, but I think at one time he did – back in the day. I agree with you and there were times I couldn’t link certain others – not one person all the time, but specific posts. Yes, RR does a great job.

  • I’d like to see some rule five style blog posts with good looking men featured. What, ladies can’t enjoy eye candy?
    I try to avoid the rule five posts that have nekked or half nekked women, I’m not really interested in looking at naked people and I have kids here who might look over my shoulder.

    • Zilla, I’ve tried to find couples, and I can find them, but both are always so stinking Liberal.

  • Yos

    The Retro Rule over at my place is simple: Classical, Art and something my wife and girls won’t be embarrassed over. Others can do the trashola “playboy” stuff.

    That said, I’ve always found your Rule 5 contributions to be in good taste. I don’t know where the line is between beauty and pR0n, but wherever it is, neither of us are interested in going there.

    • Yos, you’re right. I loved your Rule 5s you just don’t do enough of them, and thanks for the assurance that I “didn’t go there.” It really was worrisome for me, but when I found the pics and thought they were beautiful, I really enjoyed it.

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  • You’re too kind, Maggie- I am keeping up the tradition still, guys out there need their fix lol

    Linked below: