A CPAC People’s Choice Award, Courageous Bloggers, Arrogant State Dept and Hateful Muslim Women Post

Video stolen from Dave Blount’s Moonbattery. I laughed all the way through, and while posting it here and intending to praise a few of those nominated for CPAC’s 2013 People’s Choice Blogger Award, other things kept bubbling to the surface.

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Along with Dave who nails moonbats with such specificity…like saying loud and clear, Nancy Pelosi is a Communist, and

Doug Ross who is not only a a dynamic blogger, but also a conservative blogger’s best friend, everyday so generously spreading conservatism from around the blogosphere, with a mission to defeat what is hurtling at us, and I’m not talking about a celestial asteroid.

NiceDeb who is all that, and thoughtful and smart and…and on top of the threats conservative bloggers routinely are faced with – some not so routine, and

Robert Spencer at JihadWatch, who won the People’s Choice award but (depending on who and which details you believe) isn’t allowed to accept it without a promise not to speak of Islam and problems with the American Conservative Union, or something like that. Read it here and judge for yourself.

What are we to think when the CPAC board is accused of being connected to Islamists and what are we to think when the winner of the People’s Choice Award cannot speak freely from the podium as he receives it?

All Spencer does everyday is warn about Islamists like Samira Ibrahim, the Muslim woman slated to received a State Department “International Women of Courage award” from Michelle Obama. Ibrahim fought back against “virginity checks” in modern-day Egypt – the one  enjoying an Arab Spring, the one we are massively funding. She also quotes Hitler, hates Jews and hates America.

After five Israelis were killed in a bus explosion in July, she welcomed the “good news.” In other posts, she declared Saudi Arabia’s royal family “dirtier than Jews” and attributed all crimes against society to Jews and referenced Adolf Hitler. She also voiced support for the attacks against U.S. embassies and consulates on the Sept. 11 anniversary. Source

To be clear, it’s my understanding that it is the TeaParty.net that is refusing to let Spencer accept his award or grant him the perks that go along with the award. In other words, Spencer won. So what. We can reneg if we want to. We do not honor the The People’s Choice.

Let’s get real about the charge of Islamophobia. Is there any Muslim woman who doesn’t hate Jews in her heart? We wouldn’t know because she can’t say so unless she is using the Koranic principle of lying to coerce submission to Islam. If there are some such women, those few should be changing hearts among their own. No Michelle Obama can’t give Samira Ibrahim her Woman of Courage Award. Ibrahim is on her way home.

What did that plane ticket and her accommodations cost the U.S. taxpayer?

Where are the feminists speaking of the unspeakable? Of Muslim girls not allowed an education, of a Koran that allows the rape of a woman and then allows her dishonor and expulsion from her family?

Let’s find the Muslim men who have the courage to stand against virginity checks and give them a State Department Award…Muslim men standing publicly against shooting young girls in the head – it must start there. We can’t end it until Muslim men make it happen, yet when one such Muslim man helped us capture Osama bin Laden, we patted ourselves on the back and left that one, Dr. Shakeel Alfridi, rotting in a Pakistani prison.

My apologies to those I’ve mentioned here if they prefer to be left out of this discussion. It is not my intention to speak for any one of them. My words include none of them except Robert Spencer. Now have some real fun and watch this video, stolen from Moonbattery, Intellectual Froglegs and JoeDan Media.

UPDATE: AmericanPower has more.

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