$62M Spent on Eisenhower Memorial Not In Existence PLUS $2M a Year for STAFF SALARIES Since 1999

Sixty-two million dollars has been spent on an non-existent memorial to D-Day Commander and the 34th President of the United State, Dwight David Eisenhower. The memorial was approved in 1999. It took ten years to announce an architect, after closed “competitions.” The $62 million went to the Eisenhower Memorial Fund along with AN ADDITIONAL $2 MILLION PER YEAR FOR STAFF SALARIES…SINCE 1999! Congressman Darrell Issa wants to know where the $62 million went. There’ another one we’ll never know. Sixty-two million down someone’s rabbit hole. Congress doesn’t care. If they did, they’d do something about it. Another $100 million is slated for the project.


The House Oversight Committee chairman Darrel Issa, R-Calif., said he had questions about the closed process by which Gehry was chosen. And a group of historians, architects and concerned citizens formed to oppose the memorial, calling themselves “Right by Ike.”

Now, with the seven-year time limit up to build the memorial (and not an ounce of Earth turned in the effort), Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, has introduced legislation to scrap the design and eliminate $100 million in funding. A hearing will be held by the House Natural Resources Committee Tuesday to look at what went wrong.

“Before we provide additional funding, we need an accurate and full account where funds have been appropriated,” Bishop’s spokeswoman Melissa Subbotin tells Whispers. “We don’t have an accurate account of how $62 million was spent.”…

According to Bishop’s office, the Eisenhower Memorial Committee was given $62 million in taxpayer dollars for construction and design of the memorial, as well as $2 million a year since 1999 for staff salaries. The committee declined to comment for this story. Source: US News

Where was the House Oversight Committee for the last 14 years. Issa makes a lot of noise but never gets answers. As Greta Van Susteren told him, subpoena them all and haul them all in under oath (Doesn’t matter which scandal. She was speaking of all of them). Where was every Senator and Congressman? Have you noticed that no one in Congress pays the least bit of attention unless it involves their own committee? Beyond disgusting.

The family hates the proposed memorial (one look at the graphic says why) which features a great U.S. Army General only as a bare-footed boy.

  • I have the same feeling about Issa. I caught the Greta interview as well, and he was evasive regarding subpoenas. They are not doing anything else, why not have a constant barrage of hearings? Rand Paul knew how to get attention.

  • Wouldn’t a simple statue been a better memorial?