Wikipedia Changes Bob Goodlatte From Hypocrite to Republican: Wikipedia Owes Goodlatte a Public Apology

An update on the story about Bob Goodlatte yesterday and his Wikipedia entry, which read ‘hypocrite’ in red letter next to “Political party” (see screenshot below). Sometime between the time I posted and midnight on Februar 18, 2012, the page was changed to “Republican.” Wikipedia is not reliable for many things, but I often use them for Congress, especially for the date a member takes office, the congressional district they represent, a spouse’s name and past political careers. This one shocked me.

Bob Goodlatte entry on Wikipedia February 18, 2013

Bob Goodlatte entry on Wikipedia February 18, 2013

Congressman Goodlatte was contacted by his constitutent, attorney Orly Taitz who notified him that someone inside the U.S. Supreme Court was failing to hand-over pleadings and other documents to five of the nine Justices on the courts, and further…dockets had been electronically changed. This may well be one of the most important stories of our time. I hope Rep. Goodlatte will get into that story in a big way, and he should demand a public apology from Wikipedia.


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  • montanaconserv

    Good luck with that… Wikipedia is notorious for their lack of security on editing articles. … Basically, anyone can register and be an editor on the site… which means anyone can change any article on the site.

    It makes for a great site for gathering data, but always check the sources of that data to make sure it is correct.