Taliban Attacks in Afghanistan NOT DOWN 7 Percent as Reported – Clerical Error!

Reports that Taliban attacks against allied forces in Afghanistan were down 7% in 2012 were inaccurate, wrong, untruthful – just as is every economic report coming out this administration – every report on America’s border safety and financial safety – inaccurate, wrong, untruthful. Apparently, the attacks were “flat.” No decrease. The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), led by the U.S., removed reports of a 7% decline from a website, raising questions now being answered, kinda/sorta:



The 7 per cent figure had been included in a report posted on the coalition’s website in late January as part of its monthly update on trends in security and violence. It was removed from the website recently without explanation. After The Associated Press asked last week about the missing report, coalition officials said they were correcting the data and would re-publish the report in coming days.

U.S. and allied officials have often cited declining violence as a sign that the Taliban has been degraded and that Afghan forces are in position to take the lead security role when the last U.S. combat troops leave Dec. 31, 2014.

In mid-December, Defence Secretary Leon Panetta said “violence is down,” in 2012, and that Afghan forces “have gotten much better at providing security” in areas where they have taken the lead role. He said the Taliban can be expected to continue to attack, “but overall they are losing.”…

“During a quality control check, ISAF recently became aware that some data was incorrectly entered into the database that is used for tracking security-related incidents across Afghanistan,” Graybeal said from Kabul, speaking for the International Security Assistance Force, or ISAF.

Graybeal said an audit determined that portions of the data from unilateral Afghan military operations were “not properly reflected” in the trends ISAF had reported in its monthly updates. Source: The Star

In the wake of incompetent, and perhaps purposefully misleading government reports, our troops are withdrawing and are underfire (literally) while doing so:

It was, as First Sgt. Jason Pitman, 35, bluntly put it, “no time to get stupid.”

The Americans knew they would be most vulnerable in their final hours after taking down their surveillance and early-warning systems. The Taliban knew it, too, and intelligence reports indicated that they had been working with sympathetic villagers to strike at the departing soldiers…

On the same day that President Obama announced that roughly half of the American troops still in in Afghanistan would withdraw this year, and that Afghan forces would begin taking the lead in the war, the smaller-scale departure from the Haji Rahmuddin II outpost was an uncelebrated milestone.

But it pointed at a harsh reality of the process: that some of the withdrawal will happen under fire in areas of the Taliban heartland where the idea of Afghan-led security remains an abstraction. With the start of the annual fighting season just weeks away, some of the hardest-won gains of the war are at risk of being lost.

The American withdrawal is picking up pace regardless, and American commanders have begun to cede even the most contested of ground to Afghan forces. Source: NY Times

We can’t believe anything coming from anyone Obama put into powerful positions in his administration, including the Military Anyone else think the ISAF symbol above is odd? It’s real.

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  • That’s insane how politician can lie to their people…