Steven Seagal Just an Actor? Joins Sheriff Joe – Democrat Chad Campbell “Ally of Equality” Mocks Both

Chad Campbell, the Minority Leader of the Arizona House is mocking Steven Seagal joining Sheriff Joe Arpaio for a training exercise on protecting Phoenix area schools. Campbell is a great “ally of Equality. Arpaio is a great ally of Justice. I’ll take Justice first please, because without it, there can never be “equality.” See, Seagal is “just an actor,” never mind he’s a 7th degree black belt in Aikido, a reserve deputy sheriff, wait for it…the first foreigner to operate a “dojo” in Japan 🙂  and maybe a concerned grandparent. Seagal has 7 children and is 60 years old. Maybe he cares. Democrats think “caring” is the most important quality a person can have, right? No need to “do,” just “care.” Democrats don’t “do” until it’s time to buy someone’s vote, drag out the van and haul corner dwellers to the polls. Seagal is “caring” about Phoenix children and teachers, as well as “doing” by supporting Arpaio and other volunteers….volunteers. Astonishing, but according to Campbell, “ludicrous.” Campbell is in the pic below. Looks fit doesn’t he? Doesn’t have a Black Belt, at least that I can find, but HE IS a great “ally of Equality.” Has he found any time to climb in one of those patrol cars and be equal to the citizens who work for nothing? Bet not, but consider this my apology if he has. Who is Campbell to accuse Arpaio of not being serious, and Seagal’s service “ludicrous?”  Not everyone in Hollywood is horrible. Where’s Bruce Willis? Bruce…schools across America need you.

Chad Campbell (D-AZ)

Chad Campbell (D-AZ)

Arizona Democratic House Minority Leader Chad Campbell called the plan to use Seagal as an instructor “ludicrous.”

“He’s making a mockery out of it. You’re having a movie actor train people how to protect schools?” Campbell said.

Randy Parraz, president of Citizens for a Better Arizona, also a longtime Arpaio critic, said it’s unfortunate the sheriff, known nationally for his tough stance on illegal immigration, is using the Connecticut shooting to grab headlines.

“We’d like to think he would take something like this much more seriously,” said Parraz.

The patrols were launched at 59 schools in January. The sheriff announced this week he needs more members to continue the patrols, calling for 1,000 additional citizens to step up and volunteer.

The volunteers, dressed in uniforms and driving patrol vehicles, some authorized to carry guns after training, won’t go onto school grounds unless they spot danger, but will instead patrol around the facilities, Arpaio said.

Arpaio says other notable people also have joined his more than 3,000-strong volunteer armed posse, including The Incredible Hulk star Lou Ferrigno and actor Peter Lupus of TV’s Mission: Impossible. Source: National Post

Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal

Some teenagers will take part in this exercise. Tell me what will grab the attention of kids faster than a martial artist? Or a manly man who knows how to use a gun responsibly and can kick butt for real without a stand-in? Justice first, equality follows. It’s the American way.

Yes, well…maybe Seagal is out of shape, but maybe he isn’t. How many Democrats are in Arpaio’s posse?

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