SCOTUS: Staffers Hide Pleadings, Docs from Justices – Remove Dockets? 5 of 9 Justices Get Nada?

Would staffers for the Justices serving on the U.S. Supreme Court hide pleadings, documents and remove cases from “the electronic docket?” That’s what is alleged in the story below. The short story: five Justices did not receive documents and could not have taken part in a conference to dismiss the case. The case and the plaintiffs, Noonan et al v Bowen et al 12 A 606, revolves around Barack Obama’s natural born status and other issues of fraud. No matter what you think about these claims, once taken to the Supremes, the Supremes should decide what they will consider and/or hear and what they will not consider and/or hear. According to the attorney, this is about “treason.”

U.S. Supreme Court Building

U.S. Supreme Court Building

Pullout Quote:

Press release: clerks of the Supreme Court never forwarded to 5 out of 9 Justices one single page of pleadings, they also did not forward to any of the Justices the Supplemental Brief. Demand for investigation forwarded to Congressman Goodlatte, Chair of the Judiciary Committee of Congress


Clerk for Stays Redmond Barnes sent back to Taitz 5 copies, whereby 5 justices never got the application, so clearly they could not discuss the case during the conference, as they never saw a word of the pleadings or evidence. Taitz submits herein the Exhibit 1, photograph of the original box in which 5 copies were sent back,  as well as the photograph of the stamp. Taitz preserved the box and the documents as evidence.

Moreover, on 02.12.2013 Taitz traveled to Washington DC and submitted to the clerks’ office a supplemental briefwith information crucial to the U.S. National Security to be reviewed by the justices prior to the February 15 conference. Taitz talked to clerks Sevgi Tekeli and James Baldin.  She was told to give the pleadings to the guard at the entrance, as the Supreme Court has mandatory screening for anthrax, but the pleadings will be docketed the same day and forwarded to Justices.

The clerks’ office never docketed the Supplemental Brief (Exhibit 2 Supplemental Brief with the date stamp of the Supreme Court) and sent it back, so none of the Justices read the Supplemental Brief as well.

Taitz provides the Judiciary Committee with the application (Exhibit 3) and the Supplementary Brief (Exhibit 2).

Case at hand was scheduled to be heard on February 15, 2013 in a conference of all the justices of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Attorney Orly Taitz has sent a letter to Congressman Goodlatte (R-VA) stating:

The nation has a right to know who is committing high treason: 9 justices of the Supreme Court of clerks, who hide the pleadings and sworn affidavits from justices. For that reason plaintiffs respectfully demand signatures of the justices on the order or on the front page of the application. If there are no actual signatures of the justices the plaintiffs and the nation as a whole will know that the justices never saw a word of pleadings an the case was “ruled upon” by court employees with unknown allegiance.

We have SCOTUS clerks functioning as “the decider?” If this is true, we need a class action suit against SCOTUS, by all American citizens against whomever is involved. There is no mention of which Justices did not receive the pleadings, etc. Could they be Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Kennedy? Someone should start a pool, you know, like those office football-thingeys.We’d all win.

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  • Kathleen

    Where is Congress? How about the Supreme court Judges who DID NOR recieve? What is happening to our country?

    • Miles Jory

      What is happening INDEEED!!!

    • Maggie

      Kathleen and Miles Jory, with the way Orly Taitz is treated, I hope she has around-the-clock security.

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  • Arlie

    Just a few days ago I went to website. Now it is not there. Where is she and what is happening? This is totally scary! Have you talked to her? Has anyone else picked up this story? What can we do?

  • proof

    That is certainly disturbing!

    • Maggie

      Proof, I think this is the most disturbing story I’ve found in all the years I’ve been blogging.

      • proof

        I thought the Benghazi cover up was bad, but since this deals with the bona fides of the one who is covering up Benghazi, AND possible corruption in the Supreme Court, it may well be the most disturbing story any of us have seen in years.

  • Jim at Asylum Watch

    If this story is true, it is indeed treason and must be investigated to the end.

  • Ken

    Please keep up the fearless reporting. This truly is a disaster. The Supreme court corrupted we are all through. WTF is wrong with congress why are they not looking into anything going on with this administration.

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  • james

    i find this hard to believe and no word if another date is set if the judges did not get the info on case how did a court be set 2-15-13 then 2-19-13 to give reply on the case this makes no sence