Rosa sat so Martin Could Walk, Martin Walked so Obama Could Run, Obama Ran So Our Children Could Fly

That little ditty is on the wall of Livsey Elementary School in DeKalb County, Georgia. Neither Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King, Jr. sat or walked so that Obama could “run.” They “sat” and “walked” for dignity, decency and equality, and so that their children would “not be judged by the color of their skin.” Martin Luther King, Jr. would be appalled that Black children today are propelled through schools, uneducated in the skills it takes to make a living, because so many are underserved by their parents and their teachers, because they graduate with fourth grade reading skills, can’t do basic math problems and have no role models in their lives, that they are victimized by the curse of low expectations. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have never accepted today’s Democrat reality for his “four little children.”

Livsey Elementary School, DeKalb County, Georgia

Livsey Elementary School, DeKalb County, Georgia

Obama “ran” because all men and women are created equal” in this country, even if decades ago they weren’t, but then White women weren’t treated equally either. Remember, Black men “got the vote” (1869) before White women, Black women or Brown women “got the vote,” (1920) – not at the same time, but FIFTY-ONE YEARS before a female of any color was worthy of going to the polls.

Obama “ran” because in this country, he could.

Obama “ran” because Whites and Blacks and Browns embraced him, they believed him, believed in him and now must live with the future he has laid out for them – a future most haven’t a clue is hurtling toward them with the devastating economic force of the 10,000 ton mass that hit Russia last week.

How sad that all coming Black History Months will show the first Black President to be the most divisive, destructive and petty president in this country’s history. Even sadder is, all that matters is that Obama is Black. I understand how important it was/is in the history of the United States to elect a Black American to the highest office in the land. What is not comprehensible is that the media is lying about what the “first Black President” has done and has not done. I refuse to be convinced that 85% of the media is as stupid as they have shown themselves to be.

We have teachers in schools like Livsey Elementary across this country who are celebrating the death of their children’s economic freedom every time they teach their class to sing the praises of Barack Obama . Along with economic demise, they are teaching the loss of civil liberties is a good thing, and parents are letting it happen.- false “hope,” not moving “forward,” but backward.

This country is rich in Black men and women who care about the futures of all children, Black, Brown, or White or any color in-between, and know that the way to enrich families is to protect their children’s hearts and their Constitutional rights, but all such Black men and women are Uncle Toms in the minds of Liberals.

Children “fly” because they are smart and free, educated and free. Nothing will change until Black, White and Brown parents parent, until our children are educated on our founding principles, and until we rebel with a mighty force when even one  principle taught leads to Socialism or Marxism.

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