Rand Pauls Vote for Hagel Because…President Should Get Some “LeeWay,” So Why Vote?

Rand Paul

Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) voted to confirm former Senator Chuck Hagel for Secretary Defense, and it is a done deal. A done deal not because of Paul specifically as the vote was 58-41. A simple majority was needed to send Hagel to preside over the Pentagon. Paul’s spokesman said he diagrees with Hagel on a “number of issues,” but believes the President “should get some leeway on political appointments.” So why is there a vote. When has this President not gotten “leeway?” Questions have been asked. Hagel’s record has been scrutinized (maybe) and still one of the most conservative Senators voted for the man who signed onto a recommendation that Israel move their borders back to their 1967 positions, and wanted to send U.S. troops into Gaza to keep Israel and Palestine safe. If you know anything about Islamic Palestine, you know that’s a hoot and a false position. This is incomprehensible. Really, why bother with a vote when there are “numerous” differences in opinion about how our Nation is defended? Other Republicans voting for Hagel were Cochran (Miss), Johanns (NE) and Shelby (AL). What a sad day.

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  • Arlie

    Rand Paul just jumped into my office shredder. WE NEED A BONA FIDE CONSERVATIVE PARTY. I have joined the Constitution Party.

    The ONE party Progressive Rs&Ds are destroying America. The defacto U.S Corporation is illegal. Our tax dollars are paying for world-wide Tyranny.

    We are bond slaves to the Corrupt IMF, World Bank, UN and NATO.

  • Rand Paul’s libertarian side is showing.

  • What did you expect from the son of Ron Paul? Integrity? Just like his screwball father, Rand Paul will say one thing then do another. Never trust a member of that family.

  • Jean D’Arby

    Chuck Hagel is probably the most conservative defense secretary we have had in modern times. He will not waste americans tax money or limbs on global scams or doing the bidding of foreign countries like a puppet. He is a Special Forces Soldier who went behind enemy lines in combat many times, as did his brother, and did not seek any deferments or to shirk military duty. Not only did he serve, but he bravely fought in the most dangerous and elite military unit that operated on its own behind the lines.

    Conservatives like Hagel, Taft, and Eisenhower (although Eisenhower was Americas main military leader in WW2, he warned constantly about the Military-Industrial complex and AGAINST military interventions) traditionally USE TO believe in staying out of foreign alien conflicts, and they always fought to stop Internationalists and bribed, payed off puppets from sending americans to die in someone else’s civil war or strategic conflict on a different continent.

    The Neocons who are in favor of the USA occupying the world, and paying to occupy large regions of the planet on a credit card from the bank of china, while the US citizens get no benefit from this and all the bills, are not conservatives. All the Neocons orginated from the international wing of the Democrat party and most are jewish who want americans to pay for whatever Israel orders, and americans kids die on demand fighting in conflicts that Israels competition.

    The Neocons are entirely frauds, as evidenced by their leader Bill Kristol- who said famously that if the Republicans stop doing what he wants then he can easily make “common cause with hawkish Democrat liberals” since a Neocon is 99.9% identical in fact to a hawkish liberal democrat.

    The Neocons do not actually believe most of what they spout, which became evident with Illegal Immigration as the FOX Neocons all came out attempting to sell a Illegal Alien Amnesty recently. Rupert Murdoch is a central funder of attempts to promote illegal alien amnesty because it is a central Internationalist goal to weaken national unity within target states (the USA) so they can be more easily exploited.

    • Jean D’Arby, he wanted Israel to move borders back to 1967 borders and he wanted US troops in Gaza. I don’t think his far-back history matters much. This happened in 2009.