Prof Emlyn Hughes: Quantum Mechanics in the Dark: Hear Student Say There’s a Gun, He Has a Gun…and Laughs

As a Quantum Mechanics class began at Columbia University, with no lights other than spotlights on a stage, Professor Emlyn Hughes (alleged to be Hughes) puts on a strange performance, stripping to his boxers with ninjas impaling stuffed white lambs. The video screen comes alive as scenes of the 9/11 attacks, World War II and Hitler roll by. There is a lot of laughing from the few girls you can hear on the video, but at 4:25-in, one says, “There’s a gun, he has a gun.” Indeed, it appears as though he pulls something from his gym bag that looks like a gun. Whether it is a gun or not, I don’t know, but the rest of the story is that he introduces his quantum mechanics class telling his class to erases everything they’ve ever known.

Emlyn Hughes

Emlyn Hughes

IF it was a gun (and I suspect it was not), but IF is was a gun, these kids were disturbingly unaware that the message might be, they are sacrificial lambs. And IF that was the message, and he did nothing with the gun, then our government sacrificed them/us. IF there was a gun, he could have also been the “sacrificer.”  That’s not too huge a leap, is it? I wonder if anyone bolted from the auditorium? Assume there was no gun to be distracted by? What was his message? You may want to watch the video at College Fix, as there is a clear look at what may be a gun.  Thanks to Fox Nation.

Professor Emlyn Hughes: Was There a Gun? (video)

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  • Geez, what an idiot. If a student did that, at least here at Arizona, there would be pretty significant consequences. But he is… [cue heavenly trumpets] FACULTY!