Photo of the Day: Pride for What?

I’m not certain the guy in the brown hoodie is ‘the‘ Dad, but the little boy seems be with him. Someone is responsible for bringing this child to this place. I found the photo at Blogging Dawg Style, which says it happened at a Gay Pride Parade (don’t know where). Can’t vouch for anything but it doesn’t seem to be photoshopped. If this little boy commits suicide one day, it’s because his vision of growing old was formed way too early and was too much to bare bear. I tried to find the origins of the photo by going to Google Images and searching “nude at Gay Pride Day.” Don’t do that. Trust me, do not do that. Without clicking through the cautions, it was obvious the photo below is unusual only because of the child.


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  • Scared the poor boy straight very fast. A few more of those and he will marry a lovely girl and father a dozen children.

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  • Yuck!

  • Ken

    Sadly, our once beautiful San Francisco now proudly sports an event called “Folsom Street Fair”. An event that would have made Caligula blush. These pigs have pulled out all the stops and do it with no shame on the city’s streets. What bothers me most is that they bring children to expose them to grown men urinating in each others mouths, performing oral sex on the curb, etc., etc.. The young children, appearing to look no more than five and six years old are seeing this all in the presence of policemen who say nothing. I thought there were laws against such behavior no less exposing young children to it. Seens like this are on the news, fathers holding hands with daughters showing them some of the most depraved behavior on earth, and doing it with “gay pride”, proud of what? Being a deviate. Then they want to know why I can’t take them seriously nor want legislation passed to legitimize these pigs. It really makes me so ashamed to be an american. I wonder why it just can’t be kept in the bedroom. I see no folsom street hetero days. Geeeeezzz, these people just digust me.

  • Question: If the uber elites of this world believe that there are too many unproductive people on this planet, might not promoting homosexuality be one way to reduce the world’s population, in their minds?