Oil Portraits of Vilsack, Jackson $62500: Both Engineered New Endangered Species – The American Farmer

What happened to cameras, and why must we “memorialize” cabinet members and high officials in oil? EPA Director Lisa Jackson is stepping down, and well she should, as scandals are breaking all around her, from illegal alias email accounts to overstepping her authority under the Environmental Protection Agency. You and I have paid $40,000 for an oil painting of Jackson, who has enforced the Endangered Species Act with such force that tens of thousands of farms have turned to dust…farms in the family for decades have been abandoned, as the area is denied water by environmentalists – all to protect the tiny Delta Smelt. Taxpayers paid $22,500 for a portrait of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack who has done nothing to aid those he is in office to protect and nurture. In my opinion this is all about Agenda 21. About controlling you, your property, your food, your water – accelerated by an Obama Executive Order. See related Agenda 21 links below.


In order to protect a threatened fish species called the Delta Smelt, much of the water that used to be pumped from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to farms on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley is now allowed to flow into the ocean. The result is predictable: hundreds of thousands of acres of farm land lies fallow and tens of thousands of jobs have been lost. In Mendota, the unemployment rate is over 40% and food lines are the norm.

But people going hungry in a region dominated by agriculture is only one of the contradictions in the Central Valley. Source: Reason.com

How dangerous is Lisa Jackson to the American worker/producer? How ineffective is Tom Vilsack for the American farmer?

Environmentalists quickly went to court…and the court prompting shut down vital irrigation pumps impacting farmers in 2/3rd of the State along the San Joaquin waterway. As a result, there is a man-made drought in California that has virtually destroyed a large amount of the State’s agribusiness. The EPA has shut down the flow of water from the irrigation canal system built with billions of taxpayers dollars to irrigate the farmlands of California. Somehow, over the years, the 2″ long Delta Smelt found their way into the irrigation canals. Environmentalists now expect the taxpayers of the United States to give that billion dollar investment to the fish and import their vegetables from China or South America for considerably more money. Source

What has Vilsack done to free the farmers from Delta Smelt hell? I can find nothing, not a single thing. I haven’t even found that he has addressed the minnow. I did find that he prayed for rain for the entire country suffering from drought, but nothing for those struck down by a Smelt.

In January 2013, however, I see that Vilsack is concerned about the “aging” farmers. Who will replace them when their gone? Ah, but that concern is all about “EcoFarming,”  and has nothing to do with the countless farms handed down over the generations, now gone – too bad for the next generation is you have the bad luck to have the Delta Smelt swimming in your waters. The next generation has lost the family farm in West San Joaquin Valley.

What about Obama?

…the president and the Environmental Protection Agency have been waging this water war with farmers in California since 2009…

Through the EPA the president has made it known to farmers in California that a little endangered pizza topping called the Delta Smelt is more important than growing food that feeds both the poor in America and the poor around the world.

All the while the president wants you to believe that he cares for the Delta Smelt, the farmers of America, and the poor, and the environment. But reasonable people know you can’t have it both ways. You can’t care about farmers and the Delta Smelt because you end up hurting farmers’ ability to do what farmers do best: FARM! by cutting their water supply in order to preserve an endangered species. Source: RedState

The lawless Jackson and her EPA refused to comply with a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) regarding her fake and illegal email account(s). Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) was forced to sue. You and I will pay for her defense. How many years have we been paying these exorbitant fees for oil portraits for those who seldom do their jobs, let alone do them constitutionally and following the Rule of Law? The answer is probably a long time, HuD “recently hired an artist for $19,500 to paint Steve Preston, who served as HUD secretary for seven months in the waning days of the Bush administration after the resignation of Alphonso Jackson.”

A  In the past year $180,000 of taxpayer monies were spent on “portraits.” Send them to a photography studio, one reasonably priced, and buy size Large. That should do it. Get it framed at Hobby Lobby.

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  • And how much for that little portrait of POTUS that they hang in every school and federal office building around the country? How about in the digital age, we acknowledge that everyone knows what the president looks like and don’t need to look upon his visage every day?