Ohio Poll Worker Voted 6 Times: Meloise Richardson Voted Up to 6 Times

At least one poll worker in Ohio voted up to six times in the Presidential election, and is proud of it. She is supporting Obama’s “right” to be President, and did it by voting multiple times. She also registers other voters. Wonderful. In the video below you will hear Meloise Richardson talk about how her multiple votes are not fraudulent – not a problem, and what Ohio is doing about it now. She voted by absentee, at the polls, for her granddaughter and for neighbors – maybe up to 6 times. Richardson has worked at the polls in Ohio since 1988. We know this is happening, but seldom do we find a poll worker admit it.

Meloise Richardson

Meloise Richardson

If the video disappears or does not play, view it at Liberty News. Here’s the video:

Meloise Richardson Votes Multiple Times in Ohio – She’s a Poll Worker (video)
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  • I’ve been deployed or stationed overseas for every presidential election since Clinton was first elected, and I have more than good reason to expect that some of my absentee ballots were not counted. I didn’t realize I could have shown up in person and cast multiple ballots to address that.

  • One man, one vote means “One man, only one vote”. Whenever a person or group votes more than once, it diminishes the power of the vote of the honest voter. It then becomes, in effect, one man, less than one vote.

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  • This is maddening. These people need to spend time in jail pondering their misdeeds. My civil rights are violated each and every time they dilute my vote.

  • Notice the LSM is silent on this. Now if this was a voter for Romney they would be calling for a hanging.

  • Devertsen

    I am an expat living and working overseas. I was contacted by several companies offering to get my absentee ballot sent to me. I registered once, never received it. Called tehm back and tehy said it was on the way. As a former City Clerk responsible for elections, I now know that my information was used to generate a ‘generic’ federally-approved form – which was used to register & vote in multiple states and precincts which do not have good accounting / checking processes.

    I would like to see a national database so that names can be queried and verified or at least see a media group do an extensive poll validation in multiple states to see if the same name comes up fraudently.

  • Makes my blood boil just to listen to that smug piece of trash. 24 years as a poll worker and she still knows zip, absolutely typical of the Democratic voting base.

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