Note to Bush Family: Don’t Use AOL For EMail: Bush Family Friends Email Hacked – Phones Photos Addresses Exposed

Former President George W. Bush’s sister Dorothy Bush Koch apparently uses an AOL email account. Hello…if you are a member of the Bush dynasty and you want privacy, you.cannot.use.AOL or Yahoo or GMail or any of the free accounts if you expect to have a chance for privacy. Haven’t you heard that (so we’re told) those emails are scanned, addresses and other information routinely sold, etc.? Even if that information is not true, these accounts are often hacked – as was Mrs. Koch’s. It’s unclear that Mrs. Koch’s hacked email was the start of the “Guccification” of the hacked emails that extended far and wide among friends and family, but sounds as though it might have started there. The hacker is identified as “Guccifer” and the Bush family photos are watermarked “Guccifer.”

Graphic Courtesy of Hackaholic (click the graphic to learn how to hack)

Graphic Courtesy of Hackaholic (click the graphic to learn how to hack)

Included in the hacked material is a confidential October 2012 list of home addresses, cell phone numbers, and e-mails for dozens of Bush family members, including both former presidents, their siblings, and their children. The posted photos and e-mails contain a watermark with the hacker’s online alias, “Guccifer.”

Correspondence obtained by the hacker indicates that at least six separate e-mail accounts have been compromised, including the AOL account of Dorothy Bush Koch, daughter of George H.W. Bush and sister of George W. Bush. Other breached accounts belong to Willard Heminway, 79, an old friend of the 41st president who lives in Greenwich, Connecticut; CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz, a longtime Bush family friend; former first lady Barbara Bush’s brother; and George H.W. Bush’s sister-in-law. Source: The Smoking Gun

I’ve been thinking about an email account. I think the Bush family should too (no guarantee that has not been hacked – I haven’t a clue).

  • Why would the Bush family dynasty want to use a Reagan e-mail address? Reagan was that guy who got in their way pushing actual conservative values.

  • Don’t be mean to the Bush family. I love George Sr. and just wish George Jr. had more of his father’s flexibility and less of his own stubbornness. We’d have come out of Iraq a lot better off than we did.