LAPD in Firefight or has Chris Dorner On-The-Run or in Custody on Big Bear? Home Invasion, Tied Up Woman

This report originated about 15 minutes ago (approx 3:15 CST). This moment from Fox News’ Trace Gallagher: Christopher Dorner is at the very least cornered or has been spotted on Big Bear. Dorner is either engaged in a firefight, on-the-run or in custody. All has been reported and the LAPD are confirming at least some or all. There was reportedly a home invasion on Big Bear by Dorner, and he tied-up a woman. Remember this is breaking news, may be inaccurate – all of it could be a false alarm. More as the news comes in. ONGOING UPDATES, MINUTE-BY-MINUTE

UPDATE 10:43 PM CDT: Spokeswoman on live right now saying that the couple who were tied-up described Chris Dorner, and believe the man who tied them up was Chris Dorner. Whomever had their car hi-jacked (and it’s not clear who that is) reported it to the California Fish and Game, and when they saw the truck they pursued it, believing Dorner was inside, which he was.

UPDATE 10:06 PM CDT: Andrew Smith, LAPD Command has just said no one has gone into the cabin, no body has been recovered. The scene is still too hot to enter. “That burned cabin has not even been entered…” Until Dorner’s body is recovered and they know he is in the cabin, the hunt will go and they will proceed with caution.

UPDATE 8:53 PM CDT: LA Times reporting via Twitter a body has been found in the burned-out rubble but not yet identified, may take days.

UPDATE 8:53 PM CDT: Not much updated news coming out about the end of this story, but Hollywood Life is reporting a “local county sheriff’s department sniper” brought Chris Dorner down before cabin caught fire. The report is credited to Neal Barton, news director for an NBC affiliate in Texas who tweeted

KETK_NealBartonTiny Klout Flag40KETK_NealBarton ‏@KETK_NealBarton

Neal Barton Jr. We have confirmation from the Los Angeles Police Department the ex-cop from LA was shot and killed by a local sheriff’s department sniper…

I see no verification at this time.

UPDATE 6:44 PM CDT: Second deputy wounded by Dorner is in major surgery now. He is expected to live.

UPDATE 6:39 PM CDT: Ammunition continuing to explode.

UPDATE 6:38 PM CDT: Shep Smith reiterating that the elderly couple was held by Dorner for a few days, and perhaps just yards from the police Command Post.

UPDATE 6:36 PM CDT: Fire fighters not allowed in. Cabin being allowed to burn. The cabin owner, Candy Martin is watching her cabin burn on television.

UPDATE 6:24 PM CDT: Trace Gallagher saying ammunition is exploding inside the cabin. One shot was heard inside the cabin. The cabin is burning, fully engulfed, front to back. First the shot inside the cabin, then the fire, now the ammo exploding.

UPDATE 6:18 PM CDT: Trace Gallagher – scanners saying cabin engulfed in smoke. Saying it is on fire – “fully engulfed in flames.” Unclear whether there has been movement in the cabin. No one is trying to put the flames out. San Bernardino Sheriff talking,

UPDATE 6:18 PM CDT: Four to 5 tear gas cannisters fired into cabin. Nothing coming from the cabin, no movement note.

UPDATE 6:03 PM CDT: Shep Smith says the couple who he tied up were tied up for a couple of days, with Dorner in the home with them. That home is near Club View Drive, owned by Candy Martin who saw the cabin on television, and early news is that the home is just yards away from the Police Command Post where authorities have headquartered for days. 

Tear-gas grenades thrown into the cabin. No shots heard from awhile

UPDATE 6:03 PM CDT: Some clarification coming from Trace Gallagher: The white dodge truck stolen DID NOT BELONG to the couple whose home he invaded. But he did tie them up, and it isn’t known whether that happened in their home or in another cabin, perhaps the one he in this minute.

When reinforcements came, they chased him to the cabin he is in now. One officer/deputy was wounded as he went inside the cabin front door, and another shot as a second entered the back door. The wife of the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department deputy who died, just recently gave birth to their child.

Re hostages: Trace Gallagher says no one can be sure, but think he probably does not have hostages.

The wounded officers are not among the California Fish and Game authorities, but forces coming in after Fish and Game tried to capture Dorner on the highway.

UPDATE 5:49 PM CDT: Second wounded officer at Big Bear in critical condition. First wounded officer dead.

UPDATE 5:35 PM CDT: Bret Baier just reported that one of the deputies wounded in the beginning of the gunfight with Dorner has died.

UPDATE 5:15 PM CDT: All radio traffic is shut down along with no air traffic over the area, no cameras.

 UPDATE 5:15 PM CDT: Cabin is in 7-Oaks Community, according to Big Bear Lake Mayor. This community is located on HWY 38. 7-Oaks Community is very rural, and no located in the town of Big Bear Lake.

UPDATE 4:53  PM CDT: Trace Gallagher reports the LA Times reporting Kyle may have hostages inside the cabin where he is holed up. Terrible.

UPDATE 4:49 PM CDT: Police asked that all helicopters and photos from the air be stopped, but I’m still seeing the cabin.

UPDATE 4:47 PM CDT: KCLA is confirming that the couple whose home was invaded were tied up but not harmed.

UPDATE 4:47 PM CDT: Location Hwy 38 and 18. All roads in and out of Big Bear closed. Dorner is in a cabin surrounded by authorities. Gunfire has been exchanged within the last 15 minutes.

UPDATE 4:38 PM CDT: A friend of Dorner’s is talking to Trace Gallagher, asking him to lay down his guns and walk out with his hands up.

UPDATE 4:23 PM CDT: LA station saying there is only one road in and out of the area. The couple he tied up – one was able to get untied and call authorities but California Fish and Game recognized him on the road in the couple’s stolen truck.

UPDATE 4:23 PM CDT: Two helicopters and 20 San Bernardino SWAT members ready and waiting (LAPD SWAT waiting at airport to be coptered out). Looking for a landing area for another Life Flight helicopter for the second wounded deputy or officer.

UPDATE 4:15 PM CDT: Cabin where Dorner is holed-up is right by the road, a winter and summer cabin. Maybe on Hwy 38. Hwy 18 blocked off in Big Bear. Entire area is on lockdown. No one in or out of Big Bear. it is believed that Dorner does not have cold weather gear.

UPDATE 4:06 PM CDT: Sheriff’s Department is asking all media and helicopters to pull out of the area. No helicopter pictures. Fire is still being exchanged. Likely that Dorner has TV access, and/or radio.

UPDATE 4:06 PM CDT: Reports that he stole a weapon from the elderly couple whose home he broke into today.

UPDATE 4:00 PM CDT: Still searching cabins. Police have confirmed Dorner is in a cabin and has been firing shots out of that cabin, so they definitely know where he is. The home he invaded was that of an elderly couple (read more below). Also confirmed two deputies wounded.

UPDATE 3:55 PM CDT: Deep snow in the area. Cabins are directly off the road. They are trying to figure out where he is. Repeating, some officers are down, believed to be two. One at least has been airflighted out.

UPDATE 3:49 PM CDT: Firefight has ended. Smoke grenades thrown in the area. Now hearing that Chris Dorner may be holded up in a cabin. One cabin surrounded. Perimeters set up other areas around other cabins.

UPDATE 3:49 PM CDT: California Fish and Game wardens, 4 to 6 of them, saw a white truck on a road near Glass Road and Hwy 38 – 10 to 15 miles from where his burned out truck was found. Tried to stop him. He bailed out of the car. Some 200 shots were fired. Two officers or deputies injured. One airlifted out.

UPDATE 3:49 PM CDT: Police presence is massive and getting bigger and bigger. To repeat, sheriff deputies are down. No word on how many or their condition.

UPDATE 3:46 PM CDT: All schools, hospitals etc in the area are on lockdown in BigBear. Have recovered a rifle and a can of gas.

UPDATE 3:46 PM CDT: Chopper pilot 5 minutes away.

UPDATE 3:43 PM CDT: Deputies shot (Sheriffs deputies they believe). Calling for help to evacuate them. Still Trace Gallagher reporting. First on the scene were Fish and Game. Now confirmed that Chris Dorner is definitely involved.

UPDATE 3:39 PM CDT: ERT (Emergency Response Team) on the way.

UPDATE 3:39 PM CDT: Trace Gallagher saying two police scanner reports have said “officer down.” He is reluctant to make that report, but has heard it. Apparently Dorner went somewhere in the stolen white dodge truck. Just now confirming that a couple was tied-up, not just a women, that there is a firefight underway right now.

UPDATE 3:35 PM CDT: Trace Adkins still reporting. Says police say they believe they have their man. Believe he got tired of waiting, hijacked a white dodge pickup. Perhaps tied up a woman or a couple. All units have been called in to apprehend Dorner.

Chris Dorner

Chris Dorner

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  • Yos
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  • Dorner is trying for a “Suicide by Cop”. The police want him alive to stand trial. I’m ok either way. If he gets the Death Penalty he will be on Death Row for 20 years. If he gets killed by cops he will be forgotten in a few months.

    • Yos

      That, or he’ll be cleared in a jury trial and write a book “If I Did It.”

      Reminds me of the OJ debacle, complete with white truck and media stupidity.

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  • Yos

    Burned alive – tear gas then flame starter.

    Exactly like Waco.

    • He asked for it. I think this was different.

      • Yos

        Different how? Fewer children?
        Yeah, Dorner was a bad guy. Got it.
        Was he in fact alone in the house?
        …and once he’s holed-up, why burn the place?

        • I didn’t hear a report that we set the fire. I heard that they fired tear gas. Eventually they heard a shot, the cabin caught fire and ammo exploded. I don’t think we set fire. Also, before all the details came out, they did not believe their were hostages. LA Time put out as a theory, there could have been. Remember two Sheriff’s deputies got just inside the door of the cabin.

  • frank k.

    Check the buttocks for positive i.d. … If there is a tatoo of either Obama , or Piers Morgan , “it’s a wrap”… frank k. (N.Va.)

    • frank k. – that’s hilarious! Thanks 🙂

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  • Latest news:

    No body has been found.

    Tracks leading from house to horse stable.

    Possibly set the fire as a diversion.

    • findalis, yes they made it clear it is stil too hot to enter the cabin or go near the rubble. For one thing, they believe there may still be unexploded ammo. I have heard there’s scanner traffic saying he could have escaped on horse, but can’t find anything to link to.