Katelyn (Katie) Francis 3-Gun Competition – Awesome 13 Year Old: FB3G Texas

Katelyn (Katie) Francis began shooting since she was five years old. The video below was Stage 1 in the FB3G competiton in Jacksboro, Texas. I don’t know a thing about these competitions but I believe the FB3G means Fallen Bretheren 3 Gun, which was originally the Fort Benning 3 Gun competion. I don’t know how and when children compete, but watch this 13-year-old show off her considerable skills with…3 guns. In the second video she identifies the three guns she used in the first video. Visit her Facebook page here for more.

While on her Facebook page, look for her English paper on the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994. She says her school is very supportive of her “shooting.”

Katelyn (Katie) Francis

Katelyn (Katie) Francis

Katelyn Francis – Stage 1 FB3G, Jacksboro, Texas (video)

Katie Francis on the guns she uses in Stage 1 of the FB3G competition (video)

Thanks to Facebook Friend Janet Meyerhoff Blaze