GW Bush Paints Self-Portrait in Shower – Sends it to Sisters Hacked Yahoo Account

This is impressive. Former President George W. Bush paints, and he paints self-portraits, at least a couple, one of himself in the shower, and another of legs and feet in a bath tub (no bubbles) – I assume it is intended to be his legs and feet. Now we know he has a rain shower head. He emailed pics of his work to his sister Dorothy Bush Koch who has/had a Yahoo email account. Unfortunantely, that account was hacked by “Guccifer,” or someone’s account was hacked by “Guccifer, revealing this unknown Bush talent. I’m not an art critic but he definitely has skill for contemporary art. The “fittest” president ever, may also be the best artist among modern day Presidents. This man never wastes a moment. Read the story at The Washington Free Beacon and see more paintings.

George W. Bush Self-Portrait

George W. Bush Self-Portrait

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  • I love that he has humility and a sense of humor.

  • I love this. I am not a huge Bush fan as far as his political leanings, but it is impossible not to respect the man. I am glad his account was hacked, and these were shared, sorry as I am that he must suffer this. These paintings are the coolest thing I have heard about him since his veteran’s bike rides. He was a better president than Al Gore would have been, and that is about all I can offer on his job as president, but it is so nice to have a dignified, intelligent, cultured ex-prez out there that does not have to rely on an ensorceled media to come off well. Good for him, and I hope his security is improved.