DOE Renewable Energy Lab: Manager’s $1M Salary – On Your Dime Office Employee Tweets Her Pitiful Party Puking – Says Journalists Should Die

The Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), located in Colorado, was forced to hand over documents requested by a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) filed by and JudicialWatch. The documents revealed that manager Dan Arvizu makes close to $1 million per year, two under him more than $500,000 each, and nine others more than $350,000. NREL is funded by the Department of Energy (taxpayers). According to JudicialWatch, “federal employees” at NREL are “encouraged to” use Twitter and Facebook. Kerrilee Ann Crosby,told employees of they deserved to die, and told her Twitter followers how her life sucked…and laid out her plans for puking after the NREL Christmas party. You’ll want to know about how much farting she gets away with in office meetings too. Read on.

NREL (L) Kerrilee Ann Crosby (R)

NREL (L) Kerrilee Ann Crosby (R)

Before the story on Crosby, you’ll find some of the following interesting about NREL and your tax dollars.

In 2010, their funding was a cool $181 million, up $40 million from 2009. They are a laboratory for solar, wind, biomass and biorefinery, hydrogen, geothermal, and water power. In 2010, Ampulse Corp published  “A Case Study on Technology Transfer in U.S. Department of Energy Laboratories.”  NREL’s job is to transfer what they learn to private companys. Ampulse worked with NREL. Remember Abound Solar, one of the U.S. government funded bankruptcies? Abound received $70 million of a $400 million DOE loan guarantee.  When Abound closed shop, Ampulse hired Former Abound VP President of Global Sales Erik Mikysa and he is not the VP of Business Development at Ampulse.

Not only was the Abound solar project not profitable, the once-company was under investigation for “misleading investors and a bank.”

Company employees have since come forward saying Abound officials knew their solar panels were defective and sold them anyway in order to meet benchmarks, so the company could get the Department of Energy loan.

NREL delves into exciting research with our money: Feasibility Study of Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste in St. Bernard, Louisiana. Just take a look around the website to see more of these studies that surely cost a bundle, in each of their areas of work. If we took each of the bankruptcy scandals the DOE has been involved in, how many cases just like Abound would we find connected in some way with the NREL?


Located in Moonbat-laden Golden, Colorado, one of Arvizu’s underlings, Kerrilee Ann Crosby was enraged that exposed the exec’s salaries and took to Twitter to vent and to possibly…threaten, telling “you deserve to die.”

“You guys are f***ing retarded. You are the Fox News of blogs. At first I thought I was reading The Onion, but no not the case,” Crosby continued. responded:

“Wondering why you, someone from the state of Columbine/Aurora, is advocating mass murder.”

Crosby responded: “Because you deserve to die.” Watchdog reiterated the Columbine/Aurora issue and Crosby added: “I DO! Especially since you are next door! I can’t remember where I left my gun, though. Found it!”

We all know that guv’ment workers would never use their office computer for personal tweets, right? We know taxpayers are paying for every minute.

Crosby’s Linkedin profile had the header: “I take my day job seriously.”  But her Twitter feed is filled with dozens of tweets per day that appear during the business hours. They detail graphic sex, love of alcohol, and the Denver music scene, and bemoan her lackluster dating life.

“i’m gonna be the tree at my office Christmas party tonight. Get it? Cause I’ll be so lit up. Get it?” Crosby tweeted recently. And: “Barfing out passenger window, going down 6th at 30 mph in merging traffic and no one honked at me.”

You and I paid for the Christmas tree, the party and the booze, and probably multiple hangovers on office time…probably, not sure, but I bet it’s more than a little like the GSA scandal, when taxpayers funding massive luxury conferences (remember Jeff Neeley, the spa tub, the wine…the Las Vegas  background) – maybe not to that extent, but then again, who knows.

Despite her Linkedin declaration that she is a good employee, she posted this about her job at NREL: “In our weekly meetings I play this lil game called How Much Can I Fart In This Leather Chair And Get Away W/ It. Works best with a hangover.” Source of all the above quotes

According to JudicialWatch, the NREL (birthed by Jimmy Carter) tried to deny fulfilling the FOIA request, saying they were not a government organization because it is separately managed and all of Ms. Crosby’s tweets were “internal documents.” According to JudicialWatch, all NREL emails have .gov suffix’s, the DOE funds them, meaning taxpayers pay their salaries.


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    Needs to be some serious firing going on.

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    A Reminder of the GAO scandals. With a pResident like the skinny minus 0, NO ONE needs to worry about taking their job “seriously”..he only votes present, writes unconstitutional executive orders and campaigns all the time. Everyone in the Fed Bureau of Criminality wants the USA to fail…so this is what we get…a party on the stinkin, sinkin ship of fools while the responsible people pray and pay and pay.

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    Its amazing and very, very sad what America has become…..

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    More proof we need to get rid of the DOE… what an idiot.

  • This story shook me to the core. I wasn’t aware there was so much scandal going on behind the scenes of all the money going into green energy companies. Those are big numbers being thrown around with failures and backroom dealings like this. Thanks for handing me the wake up call. Is this the America I grew up in? Apparently not. Ugh.