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KeyWiki is a great resource for conservatives, and Liberals too who dare to look at history and remember, and then look to the future and understand. KeyWiki was developed by Trevor Loudon of New Zeal Blog. Trevor is one of those exemplary persons who is dedicated to sounding the warning bell. He is trustworty, and his work is worthy of your notice. Bookmark KeyWiki here. Read about KeyWiki below. If you can donate anything to this cause, please do.

UPDATE 2-7-13 @ 9:25 am: the KeyWiki site seems to be down at the moment. Something must be wrong with the server but I’m sure it will be up soon. I’ll keep checking back. Please try the links again.

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Democratic Socialists of America is the US’s largest Marxist organization.

While claiming to be “democratic” and merely “socialist,” DSA draws much of its inspiration from the Italian Communist Party theoretician Antonio Gramsci.

Antonio Gramsci

Antonio Gramsci

Rather than working class revolution, Gramsci believed that communism could best be achieved by infiltrating the key institutions of Western Society. In the United States, the Democratic Party has been DSA’s main target, from county to federal level.

The almost 80 strong Congressional Progressive Caucus was created by DSA and today serves as the socialist’s main transmission belt for Marxist policies into the Democratic Party.

Current Congressmen and women who have been paid up DSA members include Illinois Democrats Jan Schakowsky and Danny Davis, and New York Democrat Jerry Nadler.

Honolulu DSA Membership, early '80s

Honolulu DSA Membership, early ’80s

Recent Congressional DSAers include Hawaii Democrat Neil Abercrombie (now Governor of Hawaii), Florida Democrat Carrie Meek, New York Democrat Major Owens, one term Ohio Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy, California Democrat Ron Dellums and former Michigan Congressman David Bonior – once second ranking Democrat in the House.

Key current DSA allies include Michigan Democrat John Conyers and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

DSA Democratic Left, Winter 2007

DSA Democratic Left, Winter 2007

Another key DSA congressional ally Bob Filner, has just been elected Mayor of San Diego.

Yet another, former Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank, is reportedly considering a run for the US Senate to replace John Kerry – who also has DSA ties.

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Linked at Grumpy Opinions – thank you! Hey, did you know the Communist Party has endorsed Chuck Hagel for U.S. Secretary of Defense – read it here.

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