Detroit MLK High School: Ernest Robinson 70 Yr Old Coach Attacked by 2 Teen Students – Kills 1 Wounds 1

One teen is dead, another is wounded. One stuck a gun in the face of Ernest Robinson, the 70-year-old girl’s basketball coach who was escorting two female students out of the school. The thugs were allegedly trying to rob the coach (and maybe the girls). Robinson had a license to carry a weapon and is also a reserve law enforcement officer. The boys are reportedly students at the school, one recently expelled and not permitted on school grounds. The girls are safe. Detroit police submitted a “warrant arrest”, which is being “reviewed.” See updates below.

Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School, Detroit

Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School, Detroit

Update 2-9-13:  I’m looking for updates, particularly on the “review” of Mr. Robinson’s self-defense and finding little, although I do see that a “struggle” before the shooting is reported. When more is available, I’ll update. Although the original story (below) said both boys were students at Martin Luther King Jr Senior High School, this story says only the older boy who died, Michael Scott, was enrolled there. Scott was reportedly a 9th-grader, but was 16 years old.

Ernest Robinson told police he was walking out of the school gym Friday night with two of his players when two teens approached, one brandishing a blue-steel revolver.

“Don’t move,” the gun-toting teen told Robinson, according to the story he told investigators, which is in police reports obtained by The Detroit News.

The youths “then attempted to grab Mr. Robinson, and a struggle ensued,” one report said. Robinson then removed from his 2009 Dodge Journey “his licensed firearm, a Glock 22 .40 caliber blue-steel semi-auto and fired numerous shots …. Mr. Robinson did not know if his shots took effect.”

The shots killed Michael Scott, 16, a ninth-grader at the school, while his 15-year-old companion was hit in the right torso. Source: Detroit News

The following begins the original story:

“They announced a robbery, a struggle ensued and he pulled a weapon and fired,” said Lewis, who added that Robinson is a reserve police officer and licensed to carry a concealed pistol.

Michael Scott, a 16-year-old ninth-grader at the east side school, was shot and killed, according to Steve Wasko, a spokesman for Detroit Public Schools.

A 15-year-old male was wounded. His name was not released.

Detroit police homicide investigators submitted a warrant request this week to the Wayne County prosecutor’s office. Prosecutors were reviewing the case Wednesday to determine whether to file charges, spokesman Mark Bernardi said.

Scott’s mother has told reporters that her son did not have a gun. Source: ABC News

The mother’s of the girls might want some answers as well. How about the wife, daughters and/or sons of Mr. Robinson who now will be plagued with the possibility of a murder charge.

Martin Luther King Jr. High School – Basketball Coach Fends Off Mugging (video)
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  • Those kids got what they deserved if he was a reserve officer those poor girls and himself inculded could have been both mentally and physicaly harmed that night he should not be charged with anything other than being a hero no one will ever learn if they continue to get away with crime i say thank god he was there to protect those young girls and the other boy should be charged as an adult with the full extent of his crime.

    • Wasn’t i mean

      • Dillon Fernandes, no you weren’t mean. I was shocked at how fast the Detroit police put out the “warrant request.” Of course there has to be an investigation, but there were two witnesses there and this shouldn’t be difficult. The boys gun had to be on the scene.

        • Xavier

          This may not be as crazy as it sounds. Being prosecuted with the maximum charge and exonerated protects the defendant from double jeopardy; not being charged or being charged with a lesser offense leaves open the possibility of future arrest and trial.

          This is why I support George Zimmerman being charged with murder and receiving a fair trial – it’s in his best interest and will protect him from the U.S. judicial system of the future.

          P.S. Well done and thanks, Mr. Robinson. You’ve proved that arming school personnel is a viable tactic against criminals.

  • Julia Roberts

    These kids should be treated like that. Thanks to god that the girls are safe.

  • Julia Smith

    It is so horrible. What’s wrong with the mentality of these kids.

  • When seconds are all you have, the cops are minutes away. Conceal-carry saved the lives of the innocent.

  • Did that reporterette really say it’s unexplainable? What has she been smoking? It’s very explainable. The two yutes were raised to hate the world because their parents are on welfare. They were taught that hard work is whitie’s job and he’ll support them. They were taught it’s great to be a thug, and liberals everywhere will make excuses for their behavior.

    Unexplainable my patootie.

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